Is the Bible not to treat?

UDA’s a tough question the right way
Because there is no medicine yet for the treatment of autism
At the soles of campaigns why?
Because the treatment, which is rehabilitation programs comprehensive night best modify the behavior and development of skills and training and treatment of function
De only case of a treaty adopted based on scientific evidence
And programs lot the paint
And suppose that we come at the rate of at least 4 hours a day
Thus either be a product in the center of the day care or the mother get the training and is in the house, and of course two with some of the best.

Medications night decided being in a state of tension is to reduce the symptoms associated with increased repetitive movements care and nervousness, tension and sleep disorders

Drugs de itself needed to consistently decline, even if there is no improvement after 6 Weeks stop the medication.
But even now: it’s medicine for the same
It’s medicine for the same

Good for sessions of oxygen injection activated the Accelerate college and other
Of scientific recommendations according to the NICE report:

1. Don’t use aneroids (feedback neurons) to improve language in children with autism
2. Does not use auditory integration to improve language in children with autism
3. Does not use the following in any case:
(Means of the following interventions has not been effective so far in treating autism, despite its potential dangers)
A. Treatment to remove metals
B. Oxygen therapy compressed
C. Hormone therapy see

Medical for for the revitalization of the night a thousand pounds?
For the city Dick Dog Night B 5000 pounds big application?
There is no e evidence of any Fayed, not Al Fayed belonging to the doctor night John by and the night sets her

Medical and for the treatment of peace with the animals and visit the Dolphins and others?
Or what is called Animal Assisted Therapy
Some research report that the children of the night when the world unite in the house where the pet of working relationship with the animal paint and their interaction Social best; and most of the research De you know I had for the horses and the dogs … but …

But treatment programs tonight Betim deal no advertising and 100 thousand pounds and your baby in the middle of the Dolphins 3 months, the other; until now no scientific research depends on it says the paint sale respectively.

Problem treatments non-treaty Di not only exploit the people and drain their resources (informed or uninformed), but the violin, the most important problem is to waste the opportunity on the parent they are riding with their child in the rehabilitation program of the programs of behavior modification and communication skills night everything started early was the best backtrack
Results for the reduced cost of child-to-child, while some of the children as possible, but help IT software help himself in basic needs and communicate in a simple, children Tanya two Betim getting better so that you don’t say spawn them for any child Tanya around the world

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