Is diarrhea signs of pregnancy by the state?

هل الاسهال من علامات الحمل

هل الاسهال من علامات الحمل

Choose a lot of women different symptoms may suggest the occurrence of pregnancy, these symptoms may vary from one woman to another, and women about these symptoms, especially by the state, and the questions they are looking for.. you diarrhea signs of pregnancy by the state? Well, we will explore the answer together in the following lines.

The first week of pregnancy

Improves the the doctors the beginning of pregnancy you have by the first day of your last menstrual cycle (the menstrual cycle what is meant here between the first day of menstruation until the first day of the next life and are estimated at 28 days).

But pregnancy happens when your body release the ovum at the end of the second week and the beginning of the second, to become those eggs ready for fertilization to happen to the pregnancy, and thus be difficult to effectively determine first week of pregnancy you until the pregnancy is confirmed already.

Is diarrhea signs of pregnancy by the state?

Vary women symptoms similar to PMS in the first week of pregnancy, and may be from disorders of the digestive system causes the transition between constipation and diarrhea, though constipation is considered opposed to more common.

The back the occurrence of diarrhea to some different reasons, namely:

  • The change in the dietary habits you have, thus the upset stomach.
  • The sensitivity of some women towards types of a particular food, although not a problem previously with these foods.
  • Hormonal changes that cause slowing down the process of digestion.
  • Infection bacterial or viral.

In the House of Commons defines diarrhea as 3 or more bowel movements bulk that pay you to go to the bathroom within 24 hours, which affects the fluids in the body and may even cause dehydration, so care must be taken to provide the body with fluid and water in sufficient quantities to protect your body from dehydration, and in case it persists consult the doctor.

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Signs of pregnancy before date of the session

There with a stick the other symptoms that you can feel the fabric before the next menstrual period no, it should be noted that these symptoms resemble with the symptoms of PMS and therefore there may be uncertainty about identifying if you are really pregnant or not in the first week, and in general these symptoms are:

Changes in the breast

Where notice of women having some changes such as fullness and or pain in the breast, or turned the color of the border around the nipple to the dark the most.

Spots or mild bleeding

You may notice some women having light brown spots or mild bleeding as a result of the occurrence of the process of implantation of the egg, and note some of the fabric is lighter than menstrual bleeding.

Early pregnancy symptoms can include:

  • Feeling tired and fatigue.
  • Headaches and feeling light-headed.
  • Back pain.
  • The desire for certain foods and aversion to odors of other foods.
  • Contractions.

Can you recognize the other symptoms of through an symptoms of pregnancy before date of the state.

Pregnancy test

How can you be sure of pregnancy if with all these symptoms that may be similar with other cases? By conducting a pregnancy test which is available in several types you can choose what suits you from them until you are sure of the existence of pregnancy, depends pregnancy test on the presence of the hormone (HCG) which means (gonadotropin real), which is found in the urine, preferably in the House of Commons to conduct a pregnancy test a week after the missed date of the session the usual so be hormone level enough to give the most accurate result.

Is considered the blood test is more accurate in showing the result of pregnancy in case of doubt in the test result area, you know when appears the load in the blood and how can you be sure of pregnancy?

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