Invasive treatment when you need

علاج الغازات عند الحامل

علاج الغازات عند الحامل

With the onset of pregnancy changes many of the changes on women the case where the weighing and the many changes physical and hormonal which affect the body from the inside and the outside, and soft and bulges the belly is one of those problems that plagued them during pregnancy, keep with us for the invasive treatment when needed and what are their causes and how to prevent them.

What are the causes of gas when needed?

There are many reasons that lead to the suffering of the case of gases, and consists of those reasons in following:

Hormonal changes

With the beginning of the pregnancy occurs in the case of hormonal changes significantly as a result of the increase of the hormone progesterone in the body.

Cause increased progesterone increased use of gas in the abdomen, and slowing down the process of digestion.

Causes slowed down digestion to make the food stay for a longer time in the stomach leading to flatulence and accumulation of gas.

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Gestational diabetes

May suffer during pregnancy from gestational diabetes as a result of high levels of sugar in blood has.

Before you learn how to treat gas when the abdomen, you should know that gestational diabetes causes the increased use of gas when needed.


Need to eat each period throughout the day and slowed down the process of digestion and cause accumulation of food in the stomach which leads to increased gas.

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Eating foods that cause gas

There are some foods that you can eat situation and do not increase invasive species, such as fried foods or dairy products or green leafy vegetables.

How to treat gas when needed

There are some natural ways that can help need to get rid of gas in health which include:

Drink plenty of water

Helps to drink water to keep hydrated and helps remove toxins from the body and to prevent abdominal gas.

The holder can produce to drink water at regular intervals during the day, you can drink some natural fruit juices without sugar.

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Eat foods rich in fiber

Methods of treatment of gases when the need is to eat foods rich in dietary fiber help to improve digestion.

As dietary fibers help to absorb water from the stomach which makes the bowel movement regular and naturally inhibit the invasive.

There are a lot of foods that contain dietary fiber, specifically vegetables and fruits can be for pregnant and cause weight gain.

Eating simple meals

Pregnant women can to provide meals that are dealt with throughout the day so that they are light and compact instead of three large meals heavy.

This helps to give a chance for the institute to even digest the food first do naturally which prevents the slowed digestion which causes gas.

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How can the Prevention of invasive when needed?

After learning on how to treat invasive when you need to you ways to prevention of the occurrence of bloating and gas including:

  • Avoid foods or sugary drinks.
  • Avoid fried foods or high in saturated fat.
  • Drink water from a cup and not the bottle.
  • The practice of some aerobic exercise as simple as walking.
  • Stay away from wearing tight clothes.
  • Eat slowly and chew well.

In the end after you know how invasive treatment when needed and what are its causes and how to prevent them, you should move on to consult a doctor in case you feel pain in the abdomen a companion to the uprisings, and we hope you always good health.

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