Insulin: a smart idea for you to get rid of the pain of the injection final

Patch intelligent may create a diabetic patient from the pain of the injection induced by introducing the ratio of insulin to the body, and it even is processed to increase the proportion of sugar in the human body.

The formation of patches on two important factors too, namely that those patches work on the detection of the percentage of decrease or increase in the sugar level, as well as giving the body the necessary amount of treatment.


Cutting-edge technology in the elimination of insulin injections

Has been tested a set of tools to treat diabetes, one of the most important that means is that patch smart, which works by sensing the warning in the body of increasing the level of blood glucose.

It has been the work of many of the experiments on rats in labs have researchers, has been to prove through it that the rats all use that vamp received the level of sugar they have.

When one of the researchers of the rights the amount of sugar inside of the mouse was noted at the outset, a sudden rise by Sugar, here before you vamp out its work, where the patch for about two hours to deliver its functions.

The consequences of diabetes

May result in high blood sugar symptoms occur catastrophic, such as infection, genes, and many of the problems associated with, and sometimes infected human blindness, and this disease in some cases, amputation.


The mechanism of action patch smart

Work that patch to modify blood sugar by adding the ratio of insulin to blood, and this new technique on the campaign the amount of insulin inside the bags, and those bags in an automatic way in the break-up is available within the body.

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It has been the programming of those bags, you’ll be ready in a quick manner and prompt when alarming the body down level of sugar, all this is done without any feeling of tired or pain as a result of needles to enter the insulin in the blood.

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