Install the weight after dieting – 13 Ways important!

There are many difficulties and obstacles during the period of dieting to achieve the desired result and install ideal weight, so be weight loss one of the challenges experienced by a lot of people.

Therefore, we follow methods that ensure confidence on the ideal weight after losing a lot of calories.

As many studies have shown that very few people have the ability to confidence the ideal weight after following the diet.

Reasons for the increase in weight after following a diet

There are several main reasons which help to restore the obese after weight loss, namely:

Eating junk food

After a period of big hair deprivation, it’s hard to resist a lot of foods that lead to weight regain once again.

War low

Due to the lack of a way to healthy eating, which helps to burn fat by eating a few meals at different times.

Neglect aerobic exercise

Less physical activity gradually, which helps to increase weight, especially when eating increasing the from the usual.


Ways to install the weight after completion of the food regulations

To increase the chances of the weight after the completion of the healthy food regulations, and must adhere to these stages in terms of regulating adjustments to the daily diet.

This occurs through some methods, namely:

Eat main meals and side

You should eat breakfast, so that it can help you stay full during the day and to maintain weight stabilization, increased energy, helping to high physical activity.

It also helps other meals also on the war, especially snacks, which contain vegetables and fruits.

You must have eaten food on time and not late, as follows:

  1. Breakfast should be in the ninth hour at the most.
  2. Lunch will not be less than the third hour and no more than two in the afternoon.
  3. And dinner at the sixth hour or sixth hour and may be after that.

Regular exercise

Since this is a necessary part of the daily tasks, it plays a special role in the revolution on the weight and increase the weight later.

Workout helps to burn lots of your calories extra a day, as it increases the metabolism.

It is recommended that you walk briskly for 30 minutes every day, because this ensures a constant weight.

تثبيت الوزن المثالي

Pay attention to intake of protein

Protein helps to reduce appetite feeling of lasting satiety, and thus will not feel hungry, and eat more foods, that’s because it works to increase many of the levels of hormones that stimulate satiety.

In addition, increases protein diet regularly metabolic processes and in body, when your intake of protein in your food, you should diversify the source of protein between animal and plant, and do not accept only one type.

Measure weight consistently

May be weight control an effective way to prevent weight gain, because weight control is a tool for warning, if you add some calories to eating an unhealthy diet.

No need to measure daily time, but you can do it every three days or weekly.

Reduce carbohydrate intake

Will help eat a lot of carbohydrates significantly in gaining weight again, so I prefer not to overdo it, as it recommends replacing food made of white flour food made from flour, brown, where to calories, its heat is very low.

Don’t use excess weight

Precautions are important to reduce the possibility of gaining weight after weight loss not to eat too much food, even if you eat full meals frequently.

Watch out and stop making mistakes before the challenging difficulty in your appetite, because it’s okay to enjoy delicious meals for a few days, however, should not continue this for too long.

Prepare for events and holidays

If you have occasions or a holiday special, where you need to eat different foods with high calories.

You may need to prepare yourself by keeping the weight at times short, which preceded these times.

Therefore if you mess this up your diet during this time, you won’t gain much weight.

تثبيت الوزن المثالي

Meals Ferra

Even if they follow a healthy diet, it is advisable to eat a meal FreeBSD at the end of the week, to increase the sensation of burning, and increase enthusiasm in eating the correct food.

But should not be more than one meal that you eat what you like of fatty foods and sweets, to give to the right path later.

Drink a lot of water

After the diet, it should not stop some habits, the most important to drink water, because it:

  • Helps to hydrate the body.
  • Helped to remove toxins.
  • Works to increase the metabolism and to maintain high levels of war.

It is recommended to drink 8 glasses of water during the day, especially during the winter season when the thirst less, so be careful to drink water.

Get a good sleep during the night

Lack of sleep is one of the factors that lead to weight gain, because insufficient sleep leads to increased levels of ghrelin.

It is called the hunger hormone, because it increases the appetite, which in turn reduces the level of leptin, a hormone important for appetite.

The less time you sleep, the more hungry and eat a lot of food, and if I stayed awake late at night, you’ll increase the likelihood of eating too.

This is one of the harmful habits that increase weight significantly, and prefers to sleep by ten pm and seven hours in the day.

تثبيت الوزن المثالي

Not to be beaten and

Malaise and anxiety associated with increased weight, because this causes high levels of cortisol existing by the body, leading to a higher proportion of body fat, as well as increased appetite.

Stress can lead also to eat faster, this makes you eat a lot of food and feel full, instead you should eat slowly.

To reduce stress and tension, there must be a daily schedule for different tasks and relaxation exercises.

The importance of external support

One of the most important things that help in installing weight, it is your support of the people in your life after weight loss, because people around you have more impact, positive and negative.

If the women cook fatty foods it can pair resistance this applies to every member of the family.

Stimulate people around you to keep the weight and the participation of a healthy diet will help you maintain your ideal weight.

Eating healthy foods

Because healthy foods are a good alternative to foods harmful that lead to weight gain, it can satisfy this desire when you feel hungry.

Vegetables are the highest priority for these foods, so you need to eat fresh vegetables of different at home.

Can also eat many kinds of fruit that contain the vitamins necessary for your health, and do not cause increase weight, such as orange, apple and guava.

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