Injection of corticosteroids benefits and damages

Injection of corticosteroids of more types of common drugs, where it is used in the treatment of many diseases, which is the very middle, and its uses as a remedy for inflammatory, also known as a treatment for acne, so I wondered what this drug is common, and there is no damage and side effects what are.

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What is medication cortisol

Cortisol falls under the family of veneer sheets glucocorticoids Glucocorticoids, doctors prescribe this medication to treat allergies in addition to some other cases1Wikipedia: cortisone, namely:

  • Arthritis Arthritis.
  • Inflammatory disease of the large intestine ulcerative Ulcerative colitis.
  • When having problems in the skin such as, birth control pills network.
  • Disease lupus Lupus.
  • When having problems in the eye
  • Some types of cancers.

حبوب الكورتيزون

حبوب الكورتيزون

Figure pharmacological cortisol

  • There is in the image of the injection.
  • Offers in the form of pills.

What is the injection of cortisone

Injection of corticosteroids is a medicine corticosteroids corticosteroid, in addition to a local anesthetic.

What is the benefit of an injection of cortisol

An injection of cortisone works to relieve pain and cure inflammation in the joints, specifically the ankle and neck and other joints, it is necessary to take a cortisone injection when a doctor specialist, to determine the appropriate dose for you even avoid the damage and side effects, which can affect the patient2Mayo Clinic: cortisone injections.

The complications that result from the use of cortisone injection are:

  • Cause an infection of the joints Joint infection.
  • Damaged, or nerve damage.
  • Cause the leaf tissue next to the house, which took the city in.
  • Weakness of the tendons.
  • Double bones sheet, the next place to the right of the city.
  • The appearance of the color white in the skin in the region adjacent to the.
  • Necrosis of bone
  • A temporary rise in blood sugar.

How is the use of corticosteroids

We talked about the use of an injection of cortisol, but let’s find out more about oral corticosteroids, there are some guidelines that you should know, and follow when taking oral corticosteroids, namely:

  • Cortisol causes irritation of the teacher therefore must be approached with a lot of money, or eat it with food or milk, so unless the doctor advised other things.
  • If you take corticosteroids once a day it is best to take this dose in the morning, and also you must specify a date certain not, so don’t forget to take a dose.
  • Do not stop the medication unless the doctor has asked that even if improved your case, and inform the doctor when you feel the emergence of any side effects, so the medication.

حقنة الكورتيزون

حقنة الكورتيزون

Damage to injection of corticosteroids

Cortisone injections are not a lot of damage, so the doctors decide the required dosage of the cortisone injections, and even reduce the damage caused by humans, especially in the joints3Web medical: cortisol benefits and harms.

You should not take injection of corticosteroids for longer than six weeks, to three or four times per year, max.

After taking the cortisone injections, your doctor may ask you after taking the injection, you should protect the area which took her for a day or two.

For example, if I took it in the shoulder, do not carry heavy objects on them, as if I took it in the knee, do not move or stand a lot, sit down as much as possible.

And to put ice on the place of injection, to reduce the feeling of pain, and used the cloth hot.

Cortisone, whether taken as an injection or by mouth, have some damages that you should now know well, namely:

  • Irritation or heartburn.
  • The sensation of a headache.
  • Feel dizziness.
  • Cortisol causes changes in the menstrual cycle.
  • Insomnia.
  • Appetizer is may be harmful to the fitness of the body.
  • An increase in weight.

When should I consult a doctor after cortisone injection

It is important to know that if the doctor prescribe cortisol for you, he knows that interest that will give them the largest and most important of these damages, but there are some cases that if you must tell the doctor immediately, namely:

  • If the color of the stool black.
  • If you feel pain in the joints.
  • If you bleed, bruises easily, and the wound very slowly.
  • Increase the speed of the heartbeat, and.
  • Increased diuresis, thirst quickly.
  • Mood swings .
  • The feeling of pain in the muscles.
  • A marked increase in weight, distension of the face.
  • The feeling of pain in the stomach, and vomiting.
  • The appearance of tumors in the feet and ankles.
  • Increased hair growth in strange.
  • Vision problems.

دواء الكورتيزون

دواء الكورتيزون

Important warnings about the use of corticosteroids

You know the most important warnings before using this medicine:

  • Patient needs sugar which treats the claims of cortisol, to a significant effort to maintain the level of blood sugar, because cortisol in this case the cause of disorders and problems of level of sugar in the blood, which is difficult to control.
  • Should people who are taking cortisone medication, stay away as much as possible about driving, in addition to not drinking alcohol.
  • The use of corticosteroids for a long time for the kids, cause delayed growth process, so it is recommended to consult a specialist in order to deal with this situation.
  • Not advised to use corticosteroids during pregnancy, unless absolutely necessary, and there are no solutions other than cortisol.
  • In the case of lactating women must consult the doctor before taking cortisone, because even now we don’t know is transmitted to the baby through milk or not.
  • Advised to do a thorough examination after the use of corticosteroids for a long time, especially check liver function, and also advised to consult a doctor about the tests required, and the materials of its work.

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