Information on the process of liposuction

Information about liposuction through the website cart health many people, especially women that suffer from the problem of fat accumulated, like belly fat, which appear disproportionately, some of them resorted to drugs to melt this fat and others resort for the diet, but it is unfortunate and sad that these methods do not respond to this type of fat .


Liposuction of the abdomen

  • Is surgery are sucking the excess fat existing in all parts of the body especially belly fat.
  • The process addressed the convention cosmetic work to re-fit all the different body areas.
  • This process is done to remove fat that does not provide exercise or diet, because these fats are of the heavy type which does not respond to soluble both when taking drugs or drinking natural herbs and burning fat.

One of the operations of the liposuction of the abdomen

There are three methods of liposuction for the body which spread at the current time, and the results of highly successful, which consists in the following:

  • The traditional way: is an old method may cause complications for the patient, and the rights of excess fat with a solution of a certain, and then suction the fat accumulated in the abdomen.
  • Laser: the newest and best from the traditional way, because it does not cause any complications for the patient, a process the drug product excess fat, then insert the needle laser which works to break up fat with the help of laser wave produced by the needle, and then the saggy skin post-liposuction.
  • Video:the latest techniques that have emerged so far, and do not cause any complications for the patient, like laser but better than the laser far, this process is done to inspect the fat with the help of and under the sound, then pull the skin giving it a natural look attractive.

After the process of liposuction

After you undergo liposuction, you should follow some tips, so come to the desired results:

  • Wear compression garments refills Medical, which is working to ease the pain.
  • Follow a sound diet with frequent intake of drinks and fluids.
  • Avoid the starches and sugars which increases the harmful fats in the body.
  • Exercise or at least walk, to avoid blood clots after the operation.
  • Regularity in taking the drugs that was announced by the doctor after the procedure.
  • Not know the wound to direct sunlight, and do not put plastic bags on them.
  • Consult a doctor in case of any symptoms.

Damage liposuction

It is customary that after the performance of any surgical operation, possible to show some complications, so it is advised to follow the tips and guidance of a doctor so as not to prolong the treatment period, and these complications:

  • Swelling in the area of operation, may vary the size of the tumor of a different type of technique used in the performance of the process.
  • A change in the shape and color of the skin like bruises, but they go away after a month of conducting the process.
  • Not a comfortable feeling, maybe it comes to pressure and discomfort, because the pain resulting from the place of operation of the suction, but this will increase the feeling of eating painkillers and antibiotics.
  • May appear after a change in the color of the skin has become less glamorous than you ever.
  • Or maybe the appearance of lumps in different areas besides the workplace, which causes a form of spam.

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