Inflammation of the wisdom tooth

التهاب ضرس العقل

التهاب ضرس العقل

Grow wisdom teeth usually in the age between 17 and 25 years and that’s why it was given this name, but it usually causes pain time to grow, and learn with us dear reader on the inflammation of wisdom tooth and how to cure it.

Wisdom teeth

Is the set of the big molars appear at the back of the mouth, sometimes called third molars, because they are the last thing to grow in the mouth, and named as wisdom teeth because they usually begin to appear between 17 and 25 years where the man begins in this age in maturity and wisdom and to complete his life, it can happen no problems also like the rest of the other teeth, it can happen to her the following:

If you suffer from inflammation of the wisdom teeth, you will need to treat from the dentist, but not all pain is the result of infection of the teeth, continued Dear Reader article to learn more.

Inflammation of the wisdom tooth

You may encounter wisdom teeth infections because they are more difficult to clean, food and bacteria can get trapped between the teeth and gums, and can easily miss the distance between the wisdom tooth and the end of your mouth when brushing your teeth brushing anddental floss.

May not grow wisdom teeth affected by gum properly, may appear partially or grow at an angle or to the side of my completely.

And wisdom tooth the affected partially has a greater risk of infection, this is because of its shape and the angle of growth makes it likely the occurrence of caries, and injury to the teeth or cavity when leading the growth of bacteria to cause holes in the hard outer layer (tooth enamel), and can cause several types of bacteria and inflammation of the wisdom tooth either inside it or around it.

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Cure a sore wisdom tooth

Treatment includes inflammation of a wisdom tooth include:

  • Treatment with medication.
  • Relationship to reform.
  • Treatment surgery to remove the tooth.

Will the dentist will examine your teeth and perform X-rays in the region, this will help in determining the type of treatment best for your age.

Treatment of inflammation of the wisdom teeth drugs

Would you to the dentist, some antibiotics, you may need to take at least a week before the reform of the age of the affected or removed, and will help you to heal the infected tooth and prevent the spread of bacteria.

Treatment of inflammation of the wisdom tooth to repair it

Once you remove the infection, you will need to see the dentist again to fix the tooth or remove it, and repair the cavity in the wisdom tooth like restoration of teeth again, you may need fillings or a crown.

It can also be filled the dentist the top of the tooth or its aspects, this eliminates the rough edges or rough which can trap food and bacteria, and also helps to make the tooth a little smaller if there is congestion.

Treatment of inflammation of the wisdom tooth to remove the tooth

In the case of damage to wisdom tooth, the dentist may remove it in whole or in part, you may need to dental surgery for wisdom teeth affected, can also be removed molars and other affected entirely.

May increase the dentist of the gum tissue from the top of the third molars affected to help them to grow, as can be more than just the top of the wisdom teeth, this is called following resection, it helps protect the roots of teeth, nerves and jaw bone around the tooth.

Facts about surgery the age of reason

Could be a pulled wisdom tooth complicated, you will need to local anesthesia by injection in the area or general anesthesia, the procedure take 20 minutes or more, and can need your dentist to split the tooth and remove it the form of a piece, and this helps to avoid injury to the nerves and bones of the jaw.

Potential side effects and risks after surgical removal of wisdom teeth is as follows:

  • Bleeding.
  • Infection.
  • Numbness in your tongue or your bottom lip or your chin.
  • Weakness of the jaw bone.

Infection can occur in the mouth two weeks or even two months after removal, tell your doctor about any symptoms, you may need another dose of antibiotics to treat them.

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In the end, dear reader, after what you know on the inflammation of the wisdom tooth and its treatment methods, if you have any queries or consultation you can consult one of our doctors here.

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