In any week displays the type of the fetus

في أي أسبوع يعرف نوع الجنين

في أي أسبوع يعرف نوع الجنين

Knowing the type of the fetus of more things interesting that you choose the mother, but do you know what day of the week displays the type of the fetus is? In this article we will together my dear readers the time to find out the sex of your baby and what are the appropriate ways through which they can confirm the sex of her baby.

In any week knows what kind of fetus?

Usually discover people the sex of their child through the detection of sound waves when they reach the 20th week of pregnancy but to see the sex of the fetus is not always possible because it depends on the situation where your child.

If the child is in the correct position (open legs with a clear vision from the bottom) may be the sex of the baby clear through ultrasound in the fourteenth week of pregnancy so that the time can distinguish between the sexual characteristics of males and females however best to wait until 16 to 20 weeks until they become a member of the executive more clearly where the child is larger and therefore easier to see the likelihood of you getting a answer is accurate.

The type of fetal heart beat

After that we knew in any given week knows what kind of fetus is wondering some people other you can determine the type of the fetus by the heartbeat of the fetus?

Many people believe that you can find out the sex of your baby based on the heartbeat, but this is a myth where some believe that, if exceeded a heart rate of 140 beats per minute you’re expecting a baby girl and when it is less than 140 beats per minute you’re expecting a baby.

Use this out the researchers examined 966 women who were all of them in the fourteenth week of pregnancy then they repeated the study when they were in the second semester between Weeks 18 and 24 when they can determine the sex via ultrasound is available at this stage and the result was that the average heart rate for girls in the first three months was 154.9 beats per minute while for girls the infant was 151.7 beats per minute and therefore can not know the sex of the fetus by the heartbeat.

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How can knowing the type of the fetus?

After that we knew what day of the week displays the type of the fetus to you the most important scientific methods used in determining the type of the fetus.

Ultrasound imaging

Ultrasound imaging is the most common way that doctors use this procedure is usually to consider the development of the embryo where it is sent to the stomach through the uterus and doctor can know whether a boy or a girl based on the position of the fetus by identifying the member of the executive if the conduct of the examination after 18 weeks when you start genital to emerge.

Amniocentesis and chorionic villus sampling

Is performed these tests if your child is exposed to the risk of selection of genes or chromosomal since it can detect the fetal chromosomes. it can also determine the sex of the fetus.

Includes Amniocentesis a fine needle is inserted into the uterus through the abdomen to withdraw a small sample of the fluid and the chromosomes are made after the fifth week ten of pregnancy while includes CVS the use of a small sample of tissue from the placenta which can contain the genetic information of your child it is usually done in the eleventh week of pregnancy.

DNA test

This test uses blood samples to detect fetal sex as uses strands of DNA in the mother’s bloodstream and creates a Examination to test the presence of chromosome and the male Y and if they discovered the Y chromosome there is a high probability of conceiving a boy and if not it will be a girl is performed this test is usually in the sixth week of pregnancy.

And now dear readers, after that we knew what day of the week displays the type of the fetus must wait until the specified time to ensure the validity of the results, we wish you continued health and wellness.

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