Hyperactivity and attention deficit attention deficit meds, OK? disorder ADHD

To have a child is very active is common and normal to some extent at young ages and in most cases change this behavior gradually the child becomes more disciplined and rational, but for some children may have difficulty representing hyperactivity disorder and attention deficit attention deficit meds, OK? disorder (ADHD) has been diagnosed in adults.

Be symptoms of hyperactivity and attention deficit is clear when children especially between the ages of 6 – 12 years, usually take to feel better with age but many adults suffer from symptoms although it is lower than in children but they have their impact on work and social life.

What is the hyperactivity disorder and attention?

ما هو اضطراب فرط الحركة ونقص الانتباه؟

A disorder in the sleep of the nervous system is exemplified in the behavior of the child that looks in most cases and situations, be more pronounced in younger ages especially in the beginning of the entry of the child to the school, and often speaks with the passage of time but it can continue until the age of adolescence and adulthood.

Are often note this disorder by teachers in the school when a child experiences difficulty in the implementation of the rules and terminate the activity and focus on or commitment to the role and in addition to forget about duties.

Have this having a great impact on a person’s life in most of the stages: for the children affects the character and his relationship with his teammates in addition to the impact on self-esteem and the lives of his family, as for the adults, leading to a decline in work and social relations unstable and unbalanced in addition to the loss of self-confidence and other.

In cases where the diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity in the age of the big label (hyperactivity / lack of attention in adults), but it is in fact the start of their symptoms from early childhood and continue, but it is not recognized to her before.

It is important to talk to your doctor in case you think that your child is suffering from hyperactivity and lack of attention, or in case you know an adult showing symptoms or in case you suffer from it as a treatment and to the way in which through which to deal with this situation.

The causes of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity

أسباب نقص الانتباه وفرط الحركة

Still the exact cause behind the hyperactivity and attention deficit is not clear but some studies have demonstrated a relationship between the disorder and the following:

  • Genetic factors play a significant role rises the likelihood of injury when the child if one or both parents suffers from it, it is likely to be that the relationship is more complicated, i.e. not a single gene is responsible for them.
  • The presence of penetrating into the brains of a child who suffers from hyperactivity disorder, lack of concentration, and mechanism of action in addition to the behavior of chemicals (neurotransmitters) in comparison with the brains of children who do not suffer from it.
  • Environmental factors, social and cultural rights especially if there is a genetic predisposition.
  • The birth of a child early (before the 37th week of pregnancy).
  • The low weight of the baby.
  • Children who were exposed to meet the brain either during fetal life in the womb or due to exposure to a given incident at a later time.
  • Maternal smoking or alcohol and drug abuse or taking drugs not safe during pregnancy.
  • There was a theory earlier about the role of nutrition and diet, but it lost its support by the modern research but it generally can follow a healthy diet and exercise daily and rely on regular health to be a crucial benefit in reducing symptoms.

Who are the people most prone to the disorder and its effects chain?

من هم الأشخاص الأكثر عرضة للاضطراب وتأثيراته السلبية؟

Symptoms tend to appear clearly between the age of 6 years up to 12 but can be diagnosed at a higher age, in general the boys more likely than girls to diagnose the disorder of hyperactivity and lack of focus but this does not mean that the likelihood of injury to non-existent for girls.

One of the theories states that the symptoms are when girls tend to be lack of attention more clearly from the hyper movement and activity and therefore are not development to them, and as for the people the disorder are more likely to develop aggressive behaviour to the community and learning to face social difficulties and emotional.

Accompanied hyperactivity disorder and attention deficit with disorders such as: social phobia – dyslexia (difficulty in reading and language) – personality disorders (loss of self-confidence and inferiority etc) and in 60% to 80% of the cases.

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How is the diagnosis of hyperactivity and attention?

كيف يتم تشخيص فرط الحركة ونقص الانتباه؟

There is no specific test to diagnose the disorder, but it is made by an expert health care specialist in the hyperactivity disorder and attention deficit, the overall assessment includes the following: look to family medical history – the evolution of symptoms and on the level of behavioral, psychological and social in addition to conducting the psychological tests, it is important to exclude cases of Health and other that have symptoms similar to symptoms of attention deficit and hyperactivity.

If the symptoms are not clear in children because it is expected of them catfish active and rational at a young age but with access to the school’s symptoms begin to clear when the child can comply with the instructions of teachers and school rules, etc.

There is a set of standards adopted internationally, it should appear displaying at least one of the core symptoms, or both in different situations (Home – School – Street…).

Symptoms of hyperactivity and attention deficit, basic – diagnostic criteria


Can being diagnosed with hyperactivity disorder and attention deficit in the case of the emergence of one of the basic symptoms of the following, or both, to be in different positions.

  • Note 1: these symptoms appear before the age of 12 even though it was diagnosed after that.
  • Note 2: these symptoms interfere with the patient’s life and affect their quality of various aspects of the social and the psychological.

The first criterion: attention deficit

Treat the child or young from the lack of attention and difficulty in focusing attention and in detail through various tasks, in addition to the inability to finish tasks that were started.

They also commit the mistakes can be silly and simple and numerous, through doing chores or by playing.

Noticing them transition their mind and publish it to various things without the ability to focus on one thing only, as they are scooping in the dreams of the vigilant forum is very large and find them staring into space.

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The second criterion: hyperactivity

The child suffers or tea from hyperactivity in the outbreak of the nine, the notes of freedom and development in semi-permanent and difficult to stay quiet or sitting, for example the child can sit quietly at the dining table but continue playing in the dishes or financing, as he noted the frequent talk and ask a lot of questions, and more things that he finds difficult to do is to be calm and waiting for his role in the school.


Most persons symptoms fall under these two criteria but can be other types of disorders centered around a single standard, such as:

  • Hyperactivity disorder and shows on a person’s symptoms of activity and the inability to sit while the focus of high is no different from the concentration of others with the same work could be better.
  • Attention Deficit Disorder: in this case do not show any disturbances on the power and person can adjust his reaction and behaves rationally, but it suffers from difficulties with focus and attention.
  • The most common case is the general case where all the symptoms: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Questions to diagnose the condition

In case you notice symptoms prior to the child’s behavior must be asking these questions of the diagnosis.

  • Did you lose the child’s attention and interest quicker than other children (i.e. do you leave and leave the place through the story while his teammates remain, and listen attentively) to?
  • Do you appears on the child’s funding when forced to sit down to aim the air?
  • Did the child remain actively and permanently (out of the article continuously to get through – play dishes food during meals….) is?
  • Is the child impulsive and say things regardless of being safe or not (going quickly towards the street for example)?
  • Do you notice symptoms on your baby frequently and in many positions in?

If most of the answers are “yes” you must consult a doctor who will evaluate this situation and turn it into a specialist.

Cases of psychological and has nothing to do with ADHD

حالات نفسية وجسدية لها علاقة بـ ADHD

Not in all cases but can have children who suffer from hyperactivity disorder and attention deficit some cases, other physical and psychological such as:

  • Anxiety disorder anxiety disorder which can appear nervously the child and the permanent tension as it is characterized by physical symptoms like increased heart rate – dizziness – frequent sweating.
  • Conversion disorder exhibits oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) and shows in passive-aggressive sabotage of my web site in often the direction of parents or teachers.
  • Strikes the authority conduct disorder which centered around of anti-social behavior and such as the speed of development murder, vandalism append people, property and animals get hurt.
  • Sleep disturbances sleep problems and difficulty in sleep – interrupted sleep – irregular sleep.
  • Autistic disorder autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) can impact on social interaction and behavior.
  • Epilepsy epilepsy is a condition that affects the brain and appear in frequent bouts.
  • Tourette’s syndrome my Tourette’s syndrome disorder of the nervous system consists in the displacement of God’s volitional movement and voice.
  • Learning difficulties learning difficulties such as difficulty reading (dyslexia).

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Treatment of hyperactivity and attention deficit

Early diagnosis and attention, proper care in addition to follow the basic treatments cannot guarantee a normal life with controlled symptoms, either from the basic treatments are:

  • Groups of parents and, through them, benefit the parents, from the experiences of the parents of others have a child suffering from this disorder.
  • Psychotherapy individual or collective child – cognitive behavior therapy – skills training to social, so the ability to adjust the response and feedback and control the symptoms.
  • The drugs that are prescribed by a doctor which works on the treatment of hyperactivity and attention deficit most notably methylphenidate (trade name Ritalin), which works on the inhibition of the symptoms, in addition to other drugs such as: dexamphetamine and atomoxetine and in general the intake of these medications needs to be monitored regularly to control and side effects.
  • The development of organizational skills and follow a set routine with the aim of reducing dispersion of attention and deal with forgetting important things.
  • The adoption of a healthy diet, and the products of caffeine and sugars and other.
  • Exercise regularly because it is not only working on the dump energy is positive but is enhanced the structure of the brain and the growth of its cells healthy.
  • Make sure to get adequate sleep through the night because of the ability to organize the work of the brain, hormones, and neurotransmitters.

Hyperactivity and attention deficit is not a disorder dangerous but can be dealt with and of its symptoms, and besides may be people who are already suffering people are geniuses creators didn’t get their brains actively different.


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