How treat diarrhea cats without going to the vet


We will talk in this article about how to cure diarrhea cats without going to the vet through the site the idea of the acquisition of a pet is not for entertainment only must be also to provide them with care and full attention and be aware of in case of any change on this object the gas is capable of speech and expression what he’s feeling .

Diarrhea when you train :

  • Diarrhea when the train takes awareness and observation because of diarrhea which affects cats may be easy for simple resulted in a change in the most result in diarrhea for a bowel movement continued if diarrhea results from the change the most this is simple and can be visited after days after cleaning it the development of knowledge .
  • But it must be human consciousness and awareness, because if the long duration of the diarrhea for up to months it may be diarrhea resulting from illness or infection suffered by the cat and in this case you should go to the vet .

Symptoms of infection diarrhea :

  • Note the flatulence strongly .
  • Dizziness vomiting yellow color .
  • Repeat the process of evaporation .
  • Loss of appetite, lethargy, sloth .

The causes of injury to the Cats by name use :

  • Change in eating regimen .
  • Eat regularly the yogurt and its derivatives .
  • Eating food contaminated .
  • Bacterial and viral infections.
  • Internal worms .
  • The presence of inflammation of the intestines .
  • A defect in the kidney and liver for cats.
  • Some types of drugs .
  • Cancer .
  • The presence of inflammation in the colon .
  • A defect in the thyroid gland .

How to treat diarrhea when you train :

There are several ways can be followed :

  • If diarrhea is accompanied by weight of the yellow color are served cat food health and clean .
  • If diarrhea is accompanied by begging is to stop giving food to the cat and provide money not only for a period of 12 hours to apply the knowledge .
  • Stop making dairy products evaluation team cooking local with boiled potatoes .
  • Can also provide no starch blended with water, with 7 kernels of peach vodka only .
  • If the cat is pregnant is to give the cat the starch creature yogurt preferably feed the Cat been clean .
  • If you train the baby to diarrhea it means that the mother is the reason you must stop breastfeeding and relying on artificial feeding and bring not the milk industry .

Treatment of diarrhea cats medication :

  • Can also use medications human cure diarrhea private sector, it has the effect is quick and effective .
  • You must first cat sick with diarrhea need to drink water a lot not even related to golf not lose it from the water .
  • Natural supplements that contain wheat or peonies and effective in cleansing the belly and kill the microbes and bacteria also .
  • A solution of drought, thick pasta which is effective to compensate the lack of money around is put a bag of them in one and a half CM of water and give the cat to me twice .
  • Medication you are a cardinal, a drink is effective for the treatment of diarrhea is to give your cat an Egyptian one and a half cm every 8 hours and cities as the control .
  • Lotion Dry be rich in minerals is put the bag in the bottle of medium size filled with water and give the cat to them every quarter of an hour .
  • You should if you notice that the cat didn’t heal after using everything that has been mentioned and care or if the diarrhea is accompanied by blood then you have to hurry to the veterinarian is competent to assess the Don’t care full .

In case of any query about the treatment of diarrhea cats without going to the vet, and we use your comments below the article through the site of the idea .

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