How to turn the fetus

كيف ينقلب الجنين

كيف ينقلب الجنين

Throughout the period of pregnancy which lasts nine months remain of the fetus throughout this period in the evolution of sleep, and put it down to the states, which are head down in the pelvic area, throughout this period, the increasingly worried mother to put her baby and will be a natural birth easily, or that of her unborn child in a position to mandate natural. We’ll answer in our article the question of how to turn the fetus and to talk about many other information.

How to turn the baby?

During pregnancy, the embryo travels into several different modes, with the approach of the review be developed birth is the safest birth natural and easy. We will discuss in the following the situation of the fetus during pregnancy:

Situation the front

The best position of the fetus before birth is a situation the front, and the majority of embryos in this situation before the start of Labor, this situation means that the head of the fetus in the sink, heading for the back of the mother and appeared the fetus be facing the belly of the mother, allowing the pressure to the cervix.

The situation back

In this situation be the back of the fetus is facing the back of the mother, and put the head backwards about the situation of the front, the back of the head is heavier than the front, making the passage through the smaller part of the dialogue more difficult, which may cause pain in the back of the mother. Likely to end up the fetus in this situation if the mother was spending a lot of time in sitting or lying down.

Casual mode

Casual mode is the mode that keeps the fetus is lying horizontally in the uterus, but won’t keep most of the embryos in this situation in the weeks and days preceding Labor. In the case of the persistence of the fetus in this situation until the birth would be a cesarean birth is the only solution.

The reverse situation

Speaking of the question of how to turn the fetus, we set about the reverse situation, the embryo remains in this situation reversed, was the highest and backside in the direction of her pelvis. For this situation many causes, including:

It’s safe to be a fetus in this situation while in the womb, however there are some risks if the fetus is still in this situation when the onset of Labor.

When to turn baby?

After that we answered the question of how to turn the fetus, we answer to another question which is when to turn the fetus. Move all embryos to the time the front who will be in the head down in the face of dialogue by week 36, it is possible to turn some of the fetuses weight to the front during labor. If the fetus is in the situation reversed at this time could turn to the doctor for a try fetal heart manually. In this procedure, the doctor first inserts a small needle in the hands of the mother to loosen the uterus, after the use of his hands on the outer part of the belly of the pregnant woman, the doctor will deal gently with the fetus from and move it to put the head down.

Recommend transition to a particular situation and to get herbal medicines and special exercises to help the switch to set the most convenient. However there is no reliable evidence to prove that any of this helps.

Related topics

Signs of the integrity of the fetus to the pelvis

Before the descent of the fetus for the disease to be in the situation of the front that we mentioned which facilitates the process of birth, also the fetus to the pelvis of many brands, including:

  • Pain and pressure in the pelvic area.
  • Development becomes easier than it was before.
  • Start the secretions of the cervix increase.
  • Cutter a need to urinate due to pressure of the fetus on the bladder.
  • Back pain is the result of the pressure of the fetus on the muscles of the lower back.

At the end of our article about how to save the embryo we have, we know the situation of the fetus during pregnancy and what is the most appropriate position for birth and also marks the descent of the fetus into the pelvis.

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