How to treat tooth decay without doctor

كيف نعالج تسوس الأسنان دون طبيب

كيف نعالج تسوس الأسنان دون طبيب

How to treat tooth decay without doctor and there are ways to effective enough, or must resort to the dentist in time to avoid the complications of delivery? Keep reading the article below to learn the answers to these questions and more.

How to treat tooth decay without a doctor?

There are many ways that help you reduce tooth decay and reverse it sometimes, here are some examples of these ways:

  1. Sugar-free gum; the chewing gum containing xylitol on a large scale has the ability to stimulate the flow of saliva and raise the pH in the plaque, reducing the spikes S, as experience has shown, you can ask the doctor about it.
  2. Avoid sugary foods; the treatment is the least favored by everyone, but the World Health Organization is that eating sugar is the most important risk factor for, and therefore there is a recommendation to reduce the intake of sugar to less than 10 percent of the total calories through the day.
  3. Vitamin D; this vitamin is important to help the absorption of calcium and phosphate from the food you eat, where there is an inverse relationship between the intake of foods rich in vitamin D and calcium, such as yogurt and dental caries in young children; you can get vitamin D from dairy products of all kinds, as you can also get vitamin (D) from the sun.
  4. Brushing teeth with fluoride toothpaste; the plays of fluoride play an important role in the Prevention of tooth decay and the formation of enamel, showed one of the research shows that brushing your teeth regularly using a toothpaste with fluoride prevents tooth decay.
  5. Licorice rootcan to sweat licorice, especially the root, the fight against the bacteria responsible for tooth decay, according to one study at least, said the researchers recently carried out a lollipop and licorice to help in the fight against tooth decay, and empirical studies have shown that a pacifier was effective in significantly reducing spikes S and prevent tooth decay.

Important note

Although some of these studies support the existence of natural ways to identify and address dental caries, however, there is a need for further research, and therefore recommend you to resort to the dentist to treat the delivery to avoid any complications in the future.

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When you go to see a doctor?

Many dental problems, even severe leakage, require without any pain or other symptoms, making dental checkups regular is the best way to discover the registry before it gets worse and worse, in short, early diagnosis helps you avoid many health problems.

This may include the relationship of the dentist to the following:

  1. Fillings: it is the main treatment when the acceleration has exceeded the tooth enamel (the first layer and surface of the teeth).
  2. Signs of fluoride: containing remedies existing when the doctor is greater amount of fluoride compared to toothpaste and mouthwash which you can buy from the store, if there is a need to fluoride stronger every day, it gives your dentist a prescription.
  3. Crowns: it is a cover or template is placed on the tooth to treat the settlement that began to spread.
  4. Treatment of the nerve of the tooth (fillings nerve): when tooth decay reaches the water of the inner tooth (the pulp or nerve), it might be the filler of the nerve is a must-do.
  5. Teeth: usually the last solution, says the doctor to remove the tooth severely damaged which does not fit nothing else.

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Now you have to answer the question How to treat tooth decay without the doctor told us, did you try poisoning treatment without recourse to print or not? For further information about the methods of treatment of dental caries and reduction, methods of dental care, you can consult one of our doctors here.

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