How to treat diabetes

كيف تعالج مرض السكري

كيف تعالج مرض السكري

If you suffer from diabetes, here’s this article, where you’ll learn to diagnose disease, and how to treat diabetes , only affiliated with us, dear reader.

How is the disease diagnosed?

May complain about your doctor in your diabetes if you have some signs of diabetes, or if you have high levels of sugar in your urine.

May be blood sugar levels (also called blood glucose) is high, if the pancreas have to produce insulin in small quantity, or does not produce insulin and in this case of diabetes of the first type, or if the body does not respond normally to insulin is known as Type II diabetes.

It starts a diagnosis when your doctor asks you questions about one of the analysis the following three:

Analysis of sugar fasting

Analysis of sugar fasting is the analysis to find out the level of sugar in blood before eating breakfast.

Glucose tolerance test

Is performed glucose tolerance test through the mouth, through the drink contains glucose, then checking your blood glucose levels, and as a result of this test is to find out if the person was diabetic or not.

Analysis of the sugar cumulative

It is also called the analysis (A1c)test, a simple blood test, done by measuring the percentage of sugar in the blood during the last two or three months two. Have you asked your doctor re-analysis several times, to make sure your health, if you are infected or healthy.

Diabetes, is a serious disease you can’t treat it yourself. This will help your doctor to develop a treatment plan for diabetes, you can easily understand this plan thoroughly.

You may also need to by your doctor (endocrinologists), nutritionist, specialist eyes. Requires the treatment of diabetes to closely monitor glucose levels in the blood, and with a combination of drugs and exercise and diet, and by giving great attention to you for times to eat, and what is the food that you eat.

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How to treat a diabetes drug?

If you are suffering from diabetes first type, it means that the pancreas stops secreting insulin, and that you have to take a daily dose of the injectable form, it seems that the tricky part in the beginning, but with enjoyment will depend on this.

Some people using a pump with a gauge, called the insulin pump, where you say you are with your doctor program the pump to meet the body a certain amount, steady of insulin daily, to what is not produced by the pancreas.

Comes insulin in five forms:

  • Fast-acting: works during the first minutes of his arrival to the body, and lasts from two hours to four hours.
  • Regular or short-acting: effect be within half an hour of his arrival, and lasts from three to six hours.
  • Average effect: effect of one to two hours of his arrival in the flesh, and lasts up to 18 hours.
  • Long-acting: takes effect within an hour or two, and lasts for 24 hours.
  • Long-acting: valid in an hour or two, and lasts for 42 hours.

For diabetes Type II, may not need some only a good diet, and exercise and control the disease. May need other people to drugs, which may include insulin injections, or oral medication. Includes drug list the following:

  1. Drugs that stimulate the pancreas to produce insulin, such as chloropropane.
  2. Medications that reduce the absorption of sugar in the intestines, such as cars.
  3. Drugs that improve the body’s use of insulin, such as Allegiant.
  4. Drugs that decrease sugar production by the liver and insulin resistance, such as metformin.

And now dear reader, after the diagnosis of diabetes, and its types, and how to treat diabetes of both types, you should visit a doctor if you feel any symptoms, and keep the diet balanced, and exercise daily, and if you have any queries, consult one of our doctors here.

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