How to stop smoking

كيف توقف التدخين

كيف توقف التدخين

Smoking is usually not grainy at all, and everyone suffers from it and wants to know how you can get rid of them. How to stop smoking and how to get rid of him once and for all? This question will answer in this article.

How to stop smoking?

There are many ways to stop smoking, the best known natural methods and medical methods, you can help yourself to get rid of smoking with this simple ways:

  • First take a final decision to stop smoking it half way.
  • We were busy all the time, turn on the TV, or read a book or magazine, or call a friend, or any other activity that would distract you from smoking.
  • Remind yourself always why you left the cigarettes, and focused on the reasons for quitting, including the health benefits (reducing the risk of heart disease and lung cancer), improve the appearance, and the funds spare, and enhance self-esteem.
  • Stay away from the situations that let you to smoke.
  • Reward yourself whenever you win on a moment of weakness.
  • Get an alternative like mint or celery or chewing gum or sugar free candies.
  • Drink water, drink slowly a large cup of water, the water will not only help to stop smoking, but also help reduce the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal.

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How to stop smoking habits different?

  • Do some activities, like go shopping, do some push-ups or try some yoga exercises or try jogging long distances.
  • Try to relax, do something relaxing, like a warm shower, meditation, or practice deep breathing exercises.
  • Go to places that smoking is not permitted where, for example, you can log in to a public building or a store or a mall or a cafe or cinema.
  • When you feel stressed or anxious or depressed, learn new ways to calm yourself quickly. Listen to relaxing music, or play with a pet, or a cup of hot tea, for example.
  • Eat a healthy variety, eat a lot of fruit and vegetables and healthy fats. Avoid food that contains a lot of sugars, and fried food.
  • Walk a lot, will not only help you to burn calories and maintain weight, but it will also help in relieving the feelings of stress and frustration that accompany the withdrawal from smoking.

How to stop smoking with the medical?

There are ways many medical you can stop smoking, may be more effective, but you should talk to your doctor about the options available to you the state of your home, these treatments include:

  • Nicotine replacement therapy: the replacement cigarette nicotine replacement such as nicotine patch. or nasal sprays or emulsification, it relieves withdrawal symptoms by giving small doses, steady of nicotine in your body.
  • Help you these drugs to stop smoking by reducing cravings and withdrawal symptoms without using nicotine, these drugs such as bupropion (Zyban) andvarenicline (Chantix and Champix), but they are intended for short-term use only after consulting a doctor.

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Alternative therapies to stop smoking

There are many things you can do to stop smoking that do not include nicotine replacement therapy, or prescribed medications, including the following:

  • Hypnotherapy, this is a common choice led to good results for many debtors who are struggling to quit smoking.
  • Acupuncture is one of the oldest medical techniques known, it is believed that acupuncture works by stimulating the release of endorphins (natural pain relievers) that allow the body to relax.
  • Behavioral therapy, wearing a nicotine addiction behaviors the usual or the weather associated with smoking, focused behavioral therapy to learn coping skills to new and breaking those habits.
  • Treatments stimulation, and can offer books and websites, self-help number of ways to motivate yourself to quit smoking.

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In the end, dear reader, that you know the answer to the question of how to stop smoking, you should hurry up in making the decision to improve your health and the health of all around you, and you can consult one of our doctors here.

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