How to relieve tooth pain

كيف أخفف من ألم الأسنان

كيف أخفف من ألم الأسنان

Do you ask yourself all the time: how to ease the pain of the teeth in? Do you feel that your head is pounding, and your mouth’s account in a manner that is very painful, and your gums knock the pain more than the clock? You can’t wait for the dentist? Well, here are these home remedies to get short-term rest until the availability of the dentist.

How to ease tooth pain?

There is more than one way home can help you relieve the tooth pain, and get some rest until the availability of your dentist go to, and this Ways Home:

Salt water

Are you wondering how to relieve tooth pain salt water is? The salt water and warm it can work on cleansing your mouth of bacteria until your visit to the dentist, but be moderate when using salt as it may irritate the inflammation of the gums, and can process a mixture of warm water and salt as the following:

  • Mix well 1/2 teaspoon of table salt to 8 ounces of water.
  • Rinse your teeth out.
  • The tops spit water, and swallow it.
  • You can also use the floss gently around the tooth painful to remove any fragments of food that may be stuck around it.

Pain relievers

The pain relievers may work as a temporary solution to relieve tooth pain, it is suggested dentists the can acetaminophen for children, as for adults, you can choose medicines that do not require a prescription, such as ibuprofen, but if you choose aspirin, search him and put it on the tooth or gums, because it may harm your gums.

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How to relieve tooth pain ice?

Some may wonder how to relieve the pain of the teeth with a bag of ice? If your face regularly due to the swelling of any age you have, you can put a bag of ice on your cheek, it helps to ease the pain.

It can be the cause of the tension with you the presence of an abscess in one of your teeth, this can cause a serious infection in the jaw and the rest of your teeth, and signs of infection outside the bathroom and The Gums Red.

Can also use ice in the following way to ease the pain of the teeth:

  • Put some ice in your hand are located in the same side of the teeth painful.
  • Rub the ice in the distance between the thumb and index finger for 7 minutes, or until the area becomes numb.

The follow this method to the adoption of the researchers that ICE stop the pain signals with your brain.

Anesthetic drugs

You may ask how to relieve tooth pain medication, anesthesia? You can put anesthetics (in the form of some gels and liquids soothing pain) directly over the damaged teeth and gums, so that the sedation medications contain benzocaine, which will numb your mouth for a short time, but you should be careful of anesthetic drugs, and used only rarely.

Clove oil

Clove oil is a natural remedy to numb the pain, and you can put clove oil directly on the painful area or click a piece of cotton in clove oil, and place it on the tooth that hurts and the gums.

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How to relieve tooth pain second?

You can try chewing a piece of garlic or put pieces of minced garlic on the tooth.

Plant toothpaste.

There are different types of this plant growing all over the world. The oil of this plant is an ingredient in many products, but it remains unclear whether this plant is already working to relieve the pain of the teeth or not.

Dear reader, we hope to be has answered your question How to relieve the pain the teeth be? For further queries, you can consult one of our doctors here.

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