How to reduce the feeling of thirst in Ramadan?


Have the feeling of thirst in Ramadan in the draw especially during the summer when the bloom period of fasting for 14 hours a day so that you lose body water continuously during the hours of fasting. Of the most important things that you must do when breakfast is compensation of loss of fluid but there are also many ways that we can do to conserve water in our body and alleviate the feeling of thirst.


Money of the best types of beverages and which could not be compensated in any other type of beverage. Experts advise to drink a liter and a half of water daily and prefer species-containing minerals and salts to replace those lost by the body through sweating. You can follow the following tips when it comes to drinking water:

  • Don’t leave containers of Water open for a long time because the bacteria found in the mouth and the air will become active and become a source of inflammatory.
  • Wash the jar and lid using hot water and soap before re-packing peanuts and make sure to change from time to time.
  • You can add a few additions, such as sliced lemon or mint leaves or grated ginger.
  • You can get rid of the taste of the chlorine added to water by adding it to a large bowl and leave it for an hour before drinking it.

Different types of fluid

Prefer to focus on the fluid moisturizing and natural fruit juices containing minerals. Each avoid juices containing ingredients and unnatural colors and that contain large amounts of sugar as hurt these components of Health and cause allergies.

Fruit and fresh vegetables

Preferred intake of vegetables and fresh fruit during the night and the meal suhoor because fruit and vegetables contain large amounts of water and fiber, which remain for long periods in the bowel and this reduces the feeling of hunger and thirst. Option is one of the vegetables known for its ability to resist the thirst and cooled the body as cucumbers also help to alleviate the diseases of the nervous system also contain cellulose fibers nutrients that stimulate digestion and eliminate toxins and clean the intestines.

Delay suhoor

According to Mr. preferred to delay suhoor so it’s best to delay suhoor after midnight, so that the jejunum of resistance to thirst, especially for the first few days of fasting, preferably a light meal specifically Lebanese.

Bathing during the day

If it’s hot you can take a cool bath helps to alleviate fatigue and tiredness as you can to relax and also helps to reduce the blood vessels near the skin and this reduces the feeling of thirst.

Factors lead to the theft of water from the body


Work salty foods to increase the body’s need to the money then it is advised to avoid adding a lot of salt to foods such as salted fish and pickles. It is best to replace the Salt drops of lemon to the authority to modify the taste.


Your body needs to drink greater amounts of water after eating foods and meals containing large amounts of spices and flavorings. This is due to the fact that this type of foods absorbs water from the beginning of his entry into the mouth, through the sense of causing dryness in the body, then you feel thirsty. Therefore, the fasting person to avoid foods dazzling, especially during the period of suhoor.


Recommended fasting to reduce the amount of products such as tea and coffee because it contains caffeine , which increase the activity of the kidneys and stimulating the role in the excretion of urine which increases the feeling of thirst. It must be noted that tea and coffee are not considered an alternative to buy water because the rules of their hot is not allowed for the fasting person to eat large quantities of them.


Containing sodium carbon, which causes bloating and feeling of fullness and prevents the body from using fluids, then it is necessary to avoid soda during breakfast.

Direct sunlight

The person fasting to avoid direct exposure to sunlight for long periods if the nature of your work expect you to work under the rays of the sun, you can mitigate the heat of the sun by frequent bathing get rid of body oils that may work to close the pores, close the blinds during the afternoon to prevent the sun’s rays from entering the home, wear light-colored clothing and wide especially made of cotton to absorb sweat and take a break every now and then.

Six rumors to resist the thirst in Ramadan

Drink adequate amounts of fluid containing a high concentration of sugar works to moisturize the body.

Truth: working fluid containing large amounts of sugar increase the production of urine and thus feeling thirsty. So you are advised to eat moderate amounts of sweets in Ramadan and drink very little amounts of juices high in prison.

Drinking large amounts of water during Suhoor to avoid thirst during the day

Truth:the work of the kidney get rid of excess water which is not needed by the body in a few hours, leading to inconvenience of the fasting person during the sleep period for treatment to use the bathroom and this leads to feeling tired during the day.

Drinking very cold water or ice before you start breakfast works to quench the thirst

Fact: drinking iced water at the beginning of breakfast hurt stomach and reduces the effectiveness of digestion also leads to constriction of the capillaries, causing indigestion. Must be the water temperature moderate or cool a little, and should the fasting person drank the water slowly and not all at once.

Helps to drink water with eating digestion

Truth: works drink water with eating to disable the access of saliva to the food so that it doesn’t mix the food well with saliva in the mouth and makes digestion more difficult, so doctors are advised to avoid drinking water during eating food except a few sips.

Drinking large amounts of water immediately after a meal helps digestion and reduces the feeling of thirst

Fact: drinking large amounts of water after eating negatively affects the digestive process and prevents the digestive system to work efficiently where forbidden to drink large amounts of water from the secretion of digestive juices. The correct way to drink water is to drink small amounts of water directly after breakfast. The best time to buy large amounts of water is two hours after iftar and then drink amounts of intermittent water in batches during the night, between Iftar and Suhoor and not wait until feeling thirsty to drink water.

Drink water frequent leads to obesity

Truth: recent studies that drinking water plays an important role in the weight loss it stimulates the release of hormone nursing, which stimulates the functioning of the nervous system and increases the burning of fat and thus losing excess weight.



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