How to quit smoking permanently herbs

كيفية الإقلاع عن التدخين نهائياً بالأعشاب

كيفية الإقلاع عن التدخين نهائياً بالأعشاب

Is quitting smoking one of the ways to overcome the type of addiction a smoking addiction, so it is natural to want to try anything that might help you, you know with us dear reader on how to quit smoking permanently herbs and alternative ways to another.

How to quit smoking permanently herbs

The use of herbs and supplements such as lobelia and St. John’s wort peel, oats, and Valerian (Valerian) and ginseng, it is not scientifically proven that it helps in quitting smoking, but the idea behind herbal remedies is to help reduce the effects of withdrawal symptoms of nicotine, the but did not approved these supplements and herbs from the FDA.

But the research many of the bloggers about natural remedies to help them quit smoking and more herbal remedies is green tea, continue with the dear reader to learn more.

Green tea for quitting smoking

You can quit smoking permanently herbs, especially green tea, where green tea is considered one of the most common herbal remedies used to control the desire to smoke intense, which can be addressed throughout the day during the period of detoxification, as it helps to keep the body elements, thereby reducing the desire to smoke, but make sure you dear reader to in moderation, don’t keep them.

Often used tea lobelia with green tea during the period of detoxification, but prefer to consult your doctor when taking these herbs.

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Other ways to quit smoking

And after what you know on how to quit smoking permanently herbs to you dear reader other ways:


Includes acupuncture placing very thin needles on your skin in certain areas of the body and is commonly used for the treatment of pain is also used in quit smoking, reduce nicotine withdrawal symptoms, research has shown that acupuncture can be used as a complementary help in the physical side effects of smoking.

How to quit smoking permanently with electronic cigarettes

Designed the electronic cigarette to look in a picture like an ordinary cigarette, all the way to the Mediterranean and the Steam inhaled, and selling electronic cigarette in originally as a means for the debtor to get nicotine in places where it is not permitted to smoke, but now used by people as a way to boot him.

Even now there is no study to indicate that these products work to help you quit smoking, as it is not approved by the FDA, these electronic cigarettes, which often means that the ingredients are not listed so hard to know what is actually is, and what the effect of inhaling these substances.

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How to quit smoking permanently with hypnosis

Is a method used to help reduce the dependence of the body on nicotine, it works by trying to change your motives for smoking and change your habits which lead to the change of power in the end, but some studies have shown that the methods of hypnosis is effective in helping some people to quit smoking.

Low level laser therapy (cold laser therapy)

It uses low level laser therapy cold laser to clean the acupuncture points in the body, as this treatment works on relaxing the debtor and to assist in the launch of the endorphin the body to help relieve pain.

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Meditation and contemplation

Meditation is a state aimed at awakening the comfortable which allows a high degree of relaxation of mind and body, as works to improve self-control, showed exercises meditation for two weeks (total 5 hours) a significant decrease in smoking by 60%.

There is a method of meditative found it works well in smokers, where it includes a body relaxation, mental retardation, and training of the mind, accompanied with background music, but you have to make sure the cooperation between the body and the mind to improve the situation and contemplative full.

In the end, dear reader, after learning how to quit smoking permanently herbs or in any other way, I know that whenever they quit smoking early, the better for your health, and if you have any queries or consultation you can consult one of our doctors here.

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