How to quit smoking



Smoking can create many negative effects on your health, such as increasing the risk of serious diseases such as cancer and heart disease. It can also lead to an early death. In while this risk is a good incentive to quit smoking, so stay with us read this article to learn how to quit smoking.

How to quit smoking

The smoking because cigarettes contain substance nicotine causes many diseases involves great risk to human health. The nicotine which is commonly associated with tobacco that makes smoking addictive. Can have a wide range of effects on the brain, such as enhancing mood, reducing depression and irritability and reduce appetite.

However, quitting smoking may be difficult for some people due to withdrawal symptoms. It can start the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal within 30 minutes of the last use of tobacco, and it depends on several factors such as the length of the period of tobacco use amount of tobacco used per day will affect the severity of the symptoms.

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Withdrawal symptoms from smoking

  • Cravings of in taking nicotine
  • Tingling in hands and feet
  • Sweating nausea
  • Headaches and insomnia
  • Cough and throat
  • Difficulty in concentrating
  • Anxiety
  • Irritability
  • Gloom
  • Overweight

Likely to experience withdrawal symptoms at some point in your journey to stop smoking. You don’t have to use these symptoms and abandon your quest to be free of smoking. Here are some tips for dealing with withdrawal symptoms:

  • Exercise for thirty minutes every day tofeed on the feeling of exhausting fatigue and depression.
  • The body undergoes a lot of change, because it works to rid itself of dependence on nicotine. It is natural to feel tired excess so you should take plenty of sleep and rest.
  • I don’t care what happens to your body from the simple increase of time that the symptoms of quitting smoking.
  • Always remember the damage caused by smoking to make her an important incentive.

Means to answer the ” how to quit smoking”

  • First you must be willing to fully quit smoking until you can afford the commitment. It won’t be easy, but choosing the best way for your answer on that how to quit smoking, is a good first step to ensure compliance.
  • Behavioral therapy, which includes consulting a specialist to find ways of not smoking, and develop a plan to overcome cravings.
  • Nicotine replacement therapy, there are many types, including gum nicotine, patches, and inhalers, and sprays, they work by giving you nicotine without using tobacco.
  • Treatment with drugs, such as Bupropion and Chantix understanding of drugs that can be prescribed by prescription, which can help in your cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

The benefits of quitting smoking

Although quitting smoking can be challenging, but the benefits on physical and mental health are worth it. So we have to learn these benefits:

  • Within one month of quitting smoking, will nicotine receptors numerous in your brain to normal, to be the cycle of addiction.
  • Talking blood circulation which makes physical activity much easier and reduces the risk of Bof a heart attack.
  • Improved mobility and physical activity, the increased oxygen in your body will give you more energy.
  • Quitting smoking improves blood circulation, increases oxygen levels, reduces inflammation. And it gives your immune system a boost.
  • Quitting smoking will work to improve both blood circulation andyellowing of teeth, bad breath.

In the end, after that you know the answer to how to quit smoking and benefits of it. If you have further questions you can consult a doctor from here.

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