How to quit smoking?

كيف أقلع عن التدخين

كيف أقلع عن التدخين

It remains the most important question for most bloggers is how to quit smoking? So I survived you this question and you ways to assistance that may enable you to get rid of this bad habit, keep with us dear reader the following article to find out.

How to quit smoking?

To answer this question we’ll give you some tips that can help you overcome this difficult challenge in your life, include:

Behavioral therapy

You can choose to work with a consultant or specialist find ways to quit smoking, which is known as cognitive-behavioral therapy.

The use of alternatives to nicotine

There are many alternatives to nicotine that works by providing nicotine to which your body is accustomed you without the need of tobacco, there are a lot of options, both stickers, sprays, gum or inhalers or other, which will help you overcome withdrawal symptoms because of nicotine addiction.


It may help you some medicines to relieve withdrawal symptoms and cravings to smoke, and such open free.

A suitable plan

The most important points in answer to your question about how to quit smoking? Is that you should develop a plan suitable for you and commit to it, you should choose material that is appropriate for you to begin to implement your decision to stop smoking, and inform your family and friends and coworkers so they can help you avoid the causes of smoking.

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How to quit smoking by the combination of methods of treatment?

You may be more likely to succeed in quitting smoking if you try to blend the two ways of treatment methods, for example the use of NRT and behavioral therapy at the same time.

But we must note that he did not encounter the US Food and Drug Administration FDA on the use of two types of NRT at the same time, so you should speak with your doctor first to determine treatments best suited for you.

How to quit smoking and the decision to quit about?

After that we offered you some tips that help in your answer to your question How to quit smoking? You must realize that you will die some situations or times that you will feel you want to surrender and return to smoking.

So first things first here is how to comply with your decision not to abandon your site, it will help you some tips the following in it:

  • Write the things that make you want to think about smoking so you can know and try to avoid them, especially during the first three months.
  • I know that the first few days are the hardest, and may suffer from depression, discomfort and fatigue, so look for a good friend you can call when feeling in this unpleasant symptoms to help you overcome them.
  • Do not use your desire when thinking of smoking again, and when you feel so replaced that desire by other means, such as chewing gum or the exercise of a particular game, so you can distract yourself.
  • Try to experience new hobbies, especially with people who are not smokers, and always do things that maintain your activity.
  • Reward yourself every time you can control your desire to return to smoking, because what you do is not easy.

What to do if you start smoking again?

After knowing all the details of the answer to your question How to quit smoking? Of course you need to find out what happens if double the Your will back to smoking again, and will change everything you’ve done before?

Called this case the name “relapse”, which is normal in cases of severe addiction, such as nicotine addiction, but if that happens, try to smoke as little as possible so you can quit again.

Don’t worry about the stop smoking permanently is takes some time, but it’s worth it. and the problem for him, because of the benefits that will accrue on your health worth trying.

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In the end, dear reader, after we have clarified the answer to your question How to quit smoking? If you have any further queries do not hesitate to consult one of our doctors here.

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