How to make teeth whiter

كيفية جعل الأسنان ناصعة البياض

كيفية جعل الأسنان ناصعة البياض

Do you suffer from the problem of changing the color of your teeth? Looking for a simple and easy way to how to make teeth whiter White? Well, you’re here in the right place, read with us this article, where we’ll talk about methods you can use in your home, and you won’t need to chemical products or going to the dentist.

Why change the color of the teeth?

There are several factors working to change the color of your teeth to yellow. Some foods work to change the color of the outer layer of your teeth “tooth enamel“, in addition to the accumulation of plaque on your teeth, making it yellow. Can you address the yellow cleaning permanent teeth brushing and minerals, but sometimes change the color of teeth to yellow, as a result of the erosion of the enamel layer and the appearance layer of ivory, which are inherently yellow.

How to make teeth whiter


Is the way Indian origin, its objective is to improve the health situation for the removal of contaminants from the body. The oil to remove the bacteria causing deposits on your teeth, transforming their color to yellow, adopted the Indians on the use of sunflower oil or sesame oil, but you can use coconut oil, as the smell beautiful, taste good, and contains lauric acid, or acid raid, which works to reduce inflammation and kill bacteria.

Method of use:

  • The tops of their coconut oil because it is solid.
  • Wait until it takes boiling a quarter of an hour.
  • Put a tablespoon of the amount of oil in your mouth drink and rinse your mouth and then spit it.
  • March this way every day.
  • Make sure you got rid of all the oil from your mouth, so you don’t go to hard, throwing it in the trash, so don’t work on clogged pipes.

Baking soda

One of the most prevalent in how to make teeth whiter , so that a large capacity to whiten teeth. Providing an alkaline environment in your mouth, thus prevent the growth of bacteria that depend on the presence of fever. You must practice even notice the difference.

Method of use:

  • Mix a teaspoon of baking soda with two tablespoons of water.
  • Brush your teeth with this mixture with the use of metal.

Cider vinegar

Contain acid aside or back, which works to kill bacteria because of the high acidity, this campaign is the means in how to make teeth whiter than white, but can protection eliminate tooth enamel, so you don’t have to use it more than once a week.

Method of use:

  • Tempered bathroom with water and paste several times inside your mouth.
  • Wash your mouth with water after finishing.

How to make teeth whiter using water and oxygen

Material whitening natural, works to kill bacteria in the mouth. And the use of water of oxygen in wound cleansing, and is considered one of the main ingredients of some types of toothpaste.


Studies have shown that repeated use of the water oxygen in a big way, works on the inflammation of the gums.

The safe way to use:

  • Before using the water of oxygen, you must make sure that the focus is not about 3% it is better to have a concentration of 1.5%
  • You can mix a teaspoon of water and oxygen with a teaspoon of two of soda, and brushing your teeth with this mixture and use it more than once a week.

كيفية جعل الأسنان ناصعة البياض

كيفية جعل الأسنان ناصعة البياض

The role of fruit in the how to make teeth whiter


By mixing strawberries with baking soda, free water your existing strawberries works to remove the yellow color from the teeth, and soda and bleach. Used only twice a week.


Pineapple contains the enzyme propyl-law, who works at removing colored pigments out of the teeth when you use it with toothpaste.

How to avoid changing the color of your teeth

  • Don’t eat a lot of organizations that work to change the color of your teeth such as: coffee, soda, berries black.
  • Brush your teeth after eating food or colored materials, industrial or natural.
  • Avoid smoking.
  • Don’t eat a lot of sugars.
  • Be sure to eat calcium.

At the end of the article, and then figure out how to make the teeth whiter , you can use any method in your home, and in case of any queries, the you can send it to one of our doctors here.

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