How to make our social media as we see ourselves?

Talking social media is currently significantly in our daily life and our dealings with others, it is no longer just a virtual world parallel to but overlapping with our reality significantly, so that a lot of when asked about the first thing he does in the morning will make you automatically “check my phone“, have become the topics raised on social networking sites occupy most of the side conversations daily that people are trying to fill the time by creating a familiarity between them, and perhaps also a cause of conflict.

The biggest signs of strength and that means maybe that we now have a famous internet or Internet celebrity of Vloggers and Social media influencers, people who have large numbers of followers, is characterized by some of them with the appropriate real content and a strong offer, and some has no content at all.
Most of these “influencers” are active continuously for different things from their daily lives and their details, and some say for about the particular topic have a special passion to it. Most of all, we are all affected by them in one form or another, for example, how many times have you visited a restaurant because someone put his picture there? Or you buy a specific product to deploy one of these celebrity for its features? This is what is called the “force of impact”.

Many factors determine these forces, the first being the desire of humans to belong to the University and get admission to the community. Most of these celebrities have a strong appeal and following thousands of human beings who express their admiration in their publications continuously, like when you buy this product I proof of belonging to that group. More importantly, how it looks, these celebrities are close and present in our daily lives. Most of them belong to the millennial generation and beyond like most of their follow-up. He says mostly to communicate continuously with its follow-up and the finer details of your day regularly and maybe share different sometimes like a best friend who looks a lot like you and you can trust him.

On the other side lost most of individuals trust the celebrity, traditional artists, journalists and others, they are quite far from the average person and his daily life. This is what you think it is specifically modern advertising, due to its low cost compared to traditional methods such as advertising and other (which also decreased the number of their follow-up to calculate social media) and the extent of their effectiveness and impact.

Also found that the micro-influencers who have a number of follow-up less relatively about 2000 to 50000 to follow up, they are more powerful and influential, who have the largest number of followers of Mega-influencers for the reasons mentioned above.

Here we’re not going to attack that phenomenon, they are part of the reality we have to accept it and try to use them best. But as we mentioned before, what if one of them has no content at all to offer? That turns is the same and the details of his daily life to the image of a fake commodity uses to increase its follow-up, and therefore his profit. And that determines the value of the individual in mind his number of followers and the interaction you get publications. So we find it with regard to insult himself and her for the ridicule sometimes as long as will achieve this number of followers and high engagement. The worst that carries the content of the concepts of false and destructive sometimes, which often spread rapidly, especially among younger age groups.

When you are asked for a lot of teenagers and children at the current time about the future career they dream of, you’d be surprised a large number of them are me to become a Vlogger as an alternative to jobs-Traditional that have lost their luster, or even exciting jobs like astronauts like, the most fame and money, regardless of what he wants to offer in the foundation. Opens before us this question of how do other social media the way we think about all which we see the future?

At the time it seems these celebrities as we mentioned before close, trustworthy., the pattern of their lives, flowery carefully implement promotional image of them, turns into a catalogue for everyone to follow. The beginning of clothing, cosmetics and specifications of everybody as they see, to draw the shape of the relations as it is supposed to be, to those full-time travel profits-fiction that are entitled to them. He says most of them painting a picture of the fictional and realistic with deliberately hide any negative aspects like their life is happiness sincere that we all need to address.

All this increases the foil up towards the details of his daily life and his traditional partner, and even towards himself and his body, because his expectations are high, generating a feeling of dissatisfaction permanent, which in turn lead to watch the effects of the same and a lot of negative, cases like.

In the end we have to see the picture completed to realize that life is not just positive feelings all the time, but you must accept failure, frustration and other negative emotions as an essential part of life sometimes and try to deal with those feelings and various pressures in our lives. We also need to develop our cash, and not take any information for granted, without contemplate and think of him and how our health and ask about their relevance to us.

We recognize that there is no specific steps for success or standards fixed we all have access to it or even the catalogue of life we follow.

Don’t let someone send you how it’s supposed to be your life. And we all need to become famous to call ourselves successful, it is enough sometimes just to share life details and feelings different with your inner circle of people who care about them really without waiting to get the acceptance of everyone. This does not mean that you don’t have expectations and aspirations, without them will not move anyone forward, we all have our image of the ideal niche for ourselves trying to get to her. Most important to share what we have now, and do not expect waiting for the check that picture.

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