How to maintain pregnancy in the early days

كيفية الحفاظ على الحمل فى الأيام الأولى

كيفية الحفاظ على الحمل فى الأيام الأولى

First period after pregnancy of the most important periods which, if overcome properly, will pregnancy easily and without any problems. It is important to take care of your baby even before he is born, you can do this by living a healthy lifestyle and keep doctor appointments during pregnancy, this is called prenatal care. Is likely to have a healthy birth if you maintain a healthy pregnancy. We in our article on how to maintain pregnancy in the early days and many of the other things continue with us.

How to maintain pregnancy in the early days

A visit to the doctor is the first step

Set an appointment with your doctor as soon as you find out you are pregnant, start your doctor to review your medical history and will also in the Battle of your symptoms. During this first appointment will be requested analyses of urine, blood, and urine test for bacteria and sugar levels high can be a sign of diabetes protein levels high which can be a sign of pre-eclampsiaand also high blood pressure during pregnancy. Turn blood tests of blood count and blood type, low iron levels (anemia), infectious diseases such as syphilis, HIV, and hepatitis. Have been doing some other tests according to your health and the problems that come from them such as:

  • Pelvic examination to check the size of the uterus and its shape.
  • Cervical screening to detect cervical cancer.
  • Ultrasound to view your baby’s growth and put it.

Will visit the doctor after that periodically your doctor will every time check weight and blood pressure and testing urine, will also help the doctor to your baby’s heartbeat and the height of the uterus after the twentieth week.

Important tips to maintain pregnancy

  • Avoid exercise.
  • Avoid exposure to anxiety as much as possible.
  • Get enough rest and sleep.
  • Avoid taking any medications without consulting your doctor.
  • Quit smoking.

The importance of diet to maintain the pregnancy

Talk about how to maintain pregnancy in the early days we’ll get to talk about your diet in the first days of pregnancy, is to follow a balanced diet is one of the best things you can do to maintain your health and your baby’s health, so be cautious when eating certain foods and drinks the following during the pregnancy.

Important tips for diet during pregnancy

  • Raw meat, eggs and fish, can know your food is cooked fully to the risk of food poisoning, do not eat more than two servings or three servings of fish a week, including canned fish. Don’t eat the sharks, or swordfish, as they contain high levels of mercury, which may harm your baby. If you eat tuna make sure it is light tuna and eat no more than 6 ounces of tuna albacore steaks tuna per week. It’s safe to have 12 ounces of canned light tuna per week.
  • Fruits and vegetables: thoroughly wash all products before eating them, and try to clean cutting boards, dishes, eat 4 or more servings of dairy products a day, this will give you a sufficient amount of calcium for you and your baby. Don’t drink unpasteurized milk or eat milk products, unpasteurized and may contain bacteria that can cause infections. This includes soft cheeses such as blue cheese.
  • Sugar substitutes: some artificial sweeteners is fine in moderation, and don’t drink more than a cup or two cups of coffee or other drinks with caffeine all day.

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What is the importance of folic acid in the first days of pregnancy?

To complete our conversation about how to keep the pregnancy in the first days of eating folic acid is of the most important factors to maintain a healthy pregnancy especially in the early days, where it protects against acid folic acid the fetus from problems of the brain and spinal cord. So must be dealt with the onset of pregnancy under a doctor’s supervision in addition to vitamin D also, it is strictly prohibited to take any medications or supplements without consulting the doctor so as not to hurt yourself or your baby.

At the end of our article about how to maintain pregnancy in the early days we have we know the most important steps to keep your pregnancy in the beginning, with our best wishes for a healthy pregnancy and fetus healthy.

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