How to increase my weight during Ramadan

كيف أزيد وزني برمضان

كيف أزيد وزني برمضان

It’s common to feel some increase weight in Ramadan because of overeating or plucks, and asks some people how to increase my weight during Ramadan you know with us in this article on some tips to gain weight in Ramadan in a healthy way.

The health benefits of fasting

Fasting from more health practices that impede on the body with many benefits, so give fasting a chance for the body to detox and improve the health status of the General Assembly, especially with the intake of proper amounts of healthy foods in the breakfast, such as salads and soups in addition to fluids, especially water.

It is worth noting that the rate of descent of the weight in Ramadan not in the sense observed often, especially when people who suffer from obesity in addition to eating large amounts of food some breakfast, as fasting in Ramadan be for a period of one month is not long enough to park a marked change in weight.

How to increase my weight during Ramadan is?

It is necessary to maintain an ideal weight, and for people who suffer from a lack of weight may cause the hunting world more underweight, especially in case of failure to eat sufficient amounts of food in the breakfast, so we show you some tips that help to increase weight healthily in the period of fasting as follows:

Increase the number of meals

When you suffer from a lack of weight may feel full faster, so I prefer to eat 5 to 6 smaller meals and evaluation of the breakfast hours so you can eat a greater number of calories.

Choose foods rich in nutrients

You must follow a healthy diet and varied, and includes eating whole grains, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, and nuts in abundance, they are healthy foods rich in calories and easy to digest.

Eat a lot of smoothies

You can eat fruits, scrambled with added milk and honey, and you can also add dates or chocolate sauce, nuts, and flax seed tea, are preferably dealt with from twice to 3 times in the period of breakfast, especially if you don’t feel like eating.

Avoid unhealthy drinks

You should reduce the intake of soft drinks and stimulants, energy drinks if you are considering increasing the weight in a healthy way in Ramadan and the normal days in general, cause these drinks on the long term many of the symptoms of stomach disorders and dyspepsia.

Calculate your calories

This helps in knowing the amount of calories you get daily in the breakfast and this much enough or you need to eat more calories to avoid the lack of more weight in the fasting period.

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Foods to help gain weight

You can follow the previous tips which you answer about your question How to increase my weight during Ramadan to reach the ideal weight for you, and believe you in this part of the article some of the foods rich in calories which can help you increase your weight as follows:

  • Whole milk since it contains protein, calcium, and some vitamins that help build muscle and increase weight.
  • Rice and pasta-rich activities which help to gain more weight.
  • Red meat which helps to increase the rate of muscle building.
  • Foods that contain a high proportion of carbohydrates such as potatoes, cereals, corn, quinoa, beans, and pumpkins.
  • Nuts especially hazelnut or peanut butter.

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After that you know the answer to your question How to increase my weight during Ramadan would prefer to commit to eating healthy foods and avoid junk food and fried that contain high amount of saturated fat so you can increase your weight in a healthy way, with my best wishes to you-time health and happiness to you and your family.

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