How to get rid of tooth decay

كيف تتخلص من تسوس الأسنان

كيف تتخلص من تسوس الأسنان

How to get rid of tooth decay , the question requires to our mind when we feel the pain of tooth decay, and get rid of because it adversely affects the process of chewing. In order to get rid of tooth decay and enjoy teeth good, you can follow this article to answer your question.

What is tooth decay?

Tooth decay is the term for small holes in the hard surface of the teeth, it most common cause behind tooth decay is that bacteria that produce acid works on the formation of a sticky layer known as plaque. These acids remove minerals from the enamel; it is a layer of the teeth are made mostly of calcium and phosphate, which cause small holes in the enamel. Once the waiting damage the acid to the layer ivory under the enamel, the cavity cause tooth decay occurs the pain.

And adopt many of the home remedies to know how to get rid of tooth decay on studies that indicate that tooth decay caused by lack of vitamin (D) in the diet, and not getting enough of the vitamin (D) may make teeth more susceptible to decay, but there are many other reasons for the occurrence of poisoning include:

  • Dry mouth or having a medical condition reduce the amount of saliva in the mouth.
  • Eating foods that cling to teeth, such as foods is sweet, sticky foods.
  • Eating meals and drinks unhealthy like soda.
  • Insufficient cleaning of the teeth.
  • Poor infant feeding.

How to get rid of tooth decay?

Can Tests regular to related to dental caries conditions of the other teeth by causing symptoms may lead to more serious problems, if the cavity before it starts causing pain, you probably won’t be needed other treatments intensive.

Once penetrates into the cavity of the tooth, you won’t be able to get rid of them at home. May help the following home remedies to prevent tooth decay or treat the lumen of the presets via the re-mineralization of the weak areas of the enamel before the development of the cavity, these treatments such as:

  • Sugar-free gum

Where that chewing sugar-free gum containing a compound called casein set amorphous relieves the activity of the bacteria, and works to stimulate the flow of saliva in the mouth.

  • Vitamin D

Show the importance of vitamin (D) to assist in the absorption of calcium and phosphate from the food you eat, such as yogurt, where to vitamin (D) works on prevention and be cavity teeth.

  • Teeth cleaning

Plays fluoride the border by some miracle, the teeth play an important role in the Prevention of tooth decay and the formation of the enamel layer, so that the regularity in brushing with fluoride toothpaste reduces tooth decay.

  • Avoid sugary foods

Avoid eating foods that contain sugars of the most important treatments to alleviate dental caries, and, although he is loved for, but it’s once you minimize sugar from food, can the enamel layer re-composition of the metal.

  • Rinsing the mouth with oil

Rinsing the mouth with oil is an ancient practice include the presence of vegetable oils useful, such as sesame or coconut, in the mouth for approximately 20 minutes, so that these oils reduce plaque andgingivitis, and the number of bacteria in the mouth.

  • Licorice root

Extracts from the plant of licorice Chinese can fight against the bacteria responsible for tooth decay.

  • Consult your dentist

Many dental problems develop without any pain or other symptoms, so the dental checkups regular is the best way to reduce the formation of cavitation before it gets bad. This may include natural remedy for tooth cavity are the following:

  1. Signs of fluoride: containing the signs of fluoride to a greater amount of fluoride compared to toothpaste, and if there is a need for fluoride stronger every day, the dentist gives a prescription.
  2. Fillings: fillings are the main treatment when the cavity has exceeded the enamel.
  3. Crowns: Crown is a cap that is placed on the tooth to treat the decay is extensive.
  4. Root canals: when tooth decay reaches past the interior of the tooth (the nerve), So root canal treatment is necessary.
  5. Tooth extraction: this is the removal of decaying teeth strongly.

After that you know the answer to your question How to get rid of tooth decay, you should follow your dentist and clean your teeth. If you have any queries you can consult a doctor from here.

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