How to get rid of the protection for pregnant

كيفية التخلص من الحموضة للحامل

كيفية التخلص من الحموضة للحامل

Know with us on how to get rid of protection to deal with all possible ways, because they are more common symptoms in pregnancy, and discomfort and discomfort, so keep with us dear readers the following article to find out.

The cause of protection to

Many women suffer from acidity of stomach in pregnancy, especially in the second trimester andthird trimester, which is what is sometimes known as “indigestion“, and irritate the lining of the esophagus, stomach, and feeling the intense relationship.

Determine the acidity of the stomach when you get back the contents of the stomach to the esophagus, due to hormonal changes in the body during pregnancy, the high progesterone levels which leads to relaxation and weakness of the lower esophageal sphincter not be able to prevent the stomach acids return to the esophagus.

The protection challenges are more common in the third trimester of pregnancy because the increasing size of the uterus, and therefore presses on the intestines and stomach, which leads to push the contents of the stomach to the top it goes back to the esophagus again.

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How to get rid of the protection for pregnant

Lifestyle changes

You can get rid of protection during pregnancy by following some tips and changes simple lifestyle that may help you, include the following:

  • Raise the head of the bed a bit while you sleep through some of the pads-ins, so as to raise the upper part of the whole body until the waist area, or sleep on a chair at an angle of 45 degrees or more.
  • Lie on your left side during the night of things that may help to reduce the acidity of the stomach and concussion protection.
  • Stop smoking.
  • Chew gum to increase the secretion of saliva containing bicarbonate, where they help neutralize or acid return into the esophagus.
  • Eating small, frequent meals instead of three large meals, not lying down directly after a meal.
  • Avoid certain foods and drinks, such as tea, coffee, soft drinks, chocolate, fat and acidic foods.

Antacid drugs

The doctor can prescribe some medications safe in pregnancy to help get rid of the load faster, include the following:

  • Antacids containing aluminum, where it is the absorption of small amounts of in the body, and accumulates aluminum and additional in the body unless the mother is suffering from weakness in the kidneys, and therefore does not cause problems for the fetus.
  • Antacids containing magnesium and calcium.
  • Antihistamines histamine receptors 2.
  • Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) such as rabeprazole, and omeprazole, and lansoprazole , etc.
  • Medication metoclopramide (Metoclopramide).

But you should not intake any drugs without consulting a doctor first to avoid any side effects on your health and your baby’s health.

Natural ways to get rid of the protection

Can some women resort to natural remedies to relieve acidity of the stomach during pregnancy, but consult a doctor first before taking any natural cures, include some of the following:

  • Raw almonds.
  • The aloe vera juice.
  • Coconut water.
  • The draft fennel seeds boiled.
  • Apple cider vinegar.
  • Ginger.
  • Papaya.

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Related topics

Need to consult a doctor

After knowing how to get rid of protection to deal with all possible ways, you should consult your doctor immediately if you suffer from the following symptoms:

  • The difficulty in eating or keep it in your stomach.
  • Weight loss.
  • Stomach pain severe.

Must tell the doctor about any medications you are taking for the treatment of any other case or think they may be the reason for your heartburn, because it may exchange your medications.

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In the end, dear readers, and after that you know how to get rid of the protection factors in detail as well as the reasons for its occurrence, hope that we have answered to all your questions on this subject and we wish you continued health and wellness.

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