How to get rid of smoking

كيفية التخلص من التدخين

كيفية التخلص من التدخين

Smoking, of bad habits scattered in the whole world and often the debtor finds it difficult to quit, so stay with me dear reader this article to learn how to get rid of smoking and ways in which may help you to live life the healthiest and the best.

Damage of smoking on health

Before you learn how to get rid of smoking you first need to know its harms:

  • Increases blood pressure making the heart work more difficult.
  • Adds the arteries which reduces the ratio of oxygen to the members and therefore affects its operation.
  • Smoking destroys the heart and increases the risk of heart attack.
  • Affected by the lung significantly which knows the debtor for deadly diseases such as pneumonia or emphysema or lung cancer.
  • Increases the risk of infection by the stomach or gastric cancer.
  • Reduces the ratio of oxygen to the skin making it age too early.
  • Affects the density of bones making them brittle and easy to fracture.
  • Person more vulnerable to strokes than the person non-smoker.
  • Cause bad breath and the appearance of stains on the teeth and the appearance of gum problems also affect the sense of taste.

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How to get rid of smoking

These steps will help you to get rid of smoking:

  • You must think positively about quitting, even though I tried before and did not succeed, don’t despair.
  • You should put a line about why you want to quit smoking for yourself to continue.
  • Attention to your food helps you in how to get rid of smoking, the vegetables and fruits make cigarettes taste bad.
  • Beverages do not influence drank the juices better for you than carbonated beverages and beverages that contain caffeine or alcohol.
  • When you want to smoking the idea in having a negative impact on your health and its your life.
  • Tell your friends or family you are trying to quit smoking is supporting you will help you greatly to get rid of this habit.
  • Doing sports helps you in getting rid of your wanting to smoking and improves your health significantly.
  • Make new friends with non-smokers.
  • You may want to eat 4 to 6 small meals throughout the day to get your blood sugar levels and balance your energy as well as reduce your desire to smoke.
  • Reward yourself always for the enthusiasm and desire you have to continue.
  • You will feel anger, anxiety and depression while you quit smoking, so consult a competent doctor to help you in how to get rid of withdrawal symptoms nicotine from the body.

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Tips after quitting smoking

After know you how to get rid of smoking , you should try this step and come back to them, so you might find these tips of help to you in completing your healthy life:

  • The war to continue in a balanced diet.
  • Doing sports on a daily basis such as walking or going to the gym.
  • Spend their leisure time in public places non-smoking by.
  • Maintain sleeping in moderation and drink plenty of water.
  • Stay away from beverages that contain caffeine or alcohol or replace it with fresh.
  • If you missed the feeling of something in your mouth you can eat sugar-free gum.
  • Avoid places that I used to smoke it.
  • You may want to do your healthy habits new to do with your time and your thinking such as skill development or a new hobby.
  • If you have ideas go back to smoking, remember your reasons to quit at first, it impact bad on your health and your appearance.

In the end, dear reader, after that you know how to get rid of smoking .. do not hesitate to consult one of our doctors here.

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