How to get rid of belly after birth

كيفية التخلص من البطن بعد الولادة

كيفية التخلص من البطن بعد الولادة

Despite the joy of the mother with the new baby but some mothers feel sick to my stomach from the appearance of the abdomen after birth, but not to worry, dear readers, your body will return to nature and its gradually increased as the size of the abdomen gradually during pregnancy also, so in this article we’ll explain how to get rid of belly after birth quickly and get on the belly taut as it was before birth.

How to get rid of belly after birth

Get enough sleep

It seems that this step is difficult, especially in the first weeks of the child’s birth, due to baby boomers baby sleep unsatisfied, but at least must get 7 hours of sleep a night because sleep is the beginning of the road to lose weight and get healthy weight, and it reduces the feeling of hunger night it also reduces the secretion of the hormone cortisol which is secreted in abundance in the case of obtaining the number of hours of sleep a few or because of stress and excess, of this hormone increases the accumulation of fat in the abdominal area and lower abdomen.

Healthy nutrition

Definitely food is the second way to get rid of belly after birth, so in the following we will give you after dietary tips that will help you to get rid of belly fat include:

  • Minimize the sugary foods and carbohydrates because they increase the accumulation of fat around the abdomen, as it should minimize the dairy products that contain gluten because they cause bloating which slows down the return of the abdomen to The Shape of her flat.
  • Add vegetables and fruit rich in fiber to your diet because it will help you feel full for a longer time with Get stings few calories, they get rid of excess weight quickly without effort or deprivation.
  • Proteins are essential in this diet because it will enable you with healthy fats plus they increase the feeling of satiety, as they variety you can get from nuts or various meats or legumes.
  • These previous tips won’t work to lose weight without drinking enough water, so drink 8 glasses of water or more to increase metabolic rate and improve digestion, which helps loss fat weight more quickly.

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How to get rid of belly after birth through the practice of sports

Exercise is great to reduce the swelling, as that the movement, whatever their nature help to lose weight faster, but you must choose the type of exercise that you feel it increases your activity as performed daily and includes forms of this exercise include the following:

  • Sports outdoor walking or running with the suction of the abdomen
  • Exercise abdominal not performed once but can be divided as 10 minutes at a time throughout the day
  • The experience of exercises of the heart or exercises cardio which will help to flatten the stomach which helps to strengthen the abdominal muscles and activate the muscles of the belly is burning belly fat effectively

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Breathe deeply

Plays all of the sleep, nutrition and exercise, hormones play a role in minimizing the stress, so to keep stress levels low and improves the process of losing weight after pregnancy, not only these factors are that help to get rid of stress and anxiety but also to relax and breathe deeply not only reduces stress but it increases fat burning, so in moments of stress, stop thinking and close your eyes, and take five deep breaths, slow or more to reduce the swelling immediately.

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After that you know with us on how to get rid of belly after birth as roads, we recommend that you maintain this routine for a period of time where that change will not happen overnight, but by maintaining this daily routine you’ll get better results soon, and in the end we wish you continued health and wellness.

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