How to get ready for birth in the ninth month

كيف أستعد للولادة في الشهر التاسع

How to get ready for birth in month nine? The boy is holding many pregnant women but the right aptitude not easily have tired of the mandate and negotiation, and in this article, we will explore how to prepare for childbirth and some important tips.

How to get ready for birth in month nine?

There are some steps and tips that will help you prepare for childbirth such tips include the following:

Add dates to your diet

During pregnancy, the ninth month should the need to adhere to healthy and contains many vitamins and minerals which give the body for childbirth, so add the dates in this period of pregnancy to facilitate the process of birth because the date contains the hormone oxytocin , which helps stimulate uterine contractions, in addition to that contains nutritional elements that are necessary such as iron and vitamin B this vitamins enter into the composition of the blood, and help in the delivery of oxygen to parts of the body, which is essential for the Prevention of anemia.

Get enough sleep daily

Per day during the last month of pregnancy especially, you must get women to the number of hours of sleep enough at night, because it will help reduce the stress of where to a study published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology that women who slept less than six hours during the last month of pregnancy took the process of natural childbirth I have them for 11 hours, so in order to obtain birth naturally is easy best to get a comfortable sleep at night, as you can use sleeping pillows for pregnant women.


Exercise during pregnancy latter is especially necessary in the case of natural childbirth, because the wind will help to strengthen the muscles of the legs and pelvis, in addition to exercise such as walking as it will help in increase the attraction that can move the fetus into the correct position during birth, one of the most important exercises that help you get the birth easy, practice squatting and exercises Kegel these exercises will reduce the muscles of the thighs and pelvis, and also exercise necessary which will help you during childbirth.

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Drink plenty of water

Drinking sufficient amount of water daily is also of the steps that will make your body preparing for the birth process because they will improve the process of entry into blood circulation, in addition to they will help to maintain hydration of the body and protect it from dehydration, which is necessary because during the process of childbirth a woman loses lots of fluid.

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How to get ready for birth in the ninth month moral

You know what must be done before the occurrence of the roads

By the time of the occurrence of contractions first, you must first be a fixed plan where you have to know when you should go to the hospital or call one of the relatives to help, will give your doctor a clear set of instructions about what to do when you start feeling the shot, this will give you the feeling you safe even more.

Processing my birth bag

Prior to the date of birth you can equip the necessary things which you will need for you and your baby so that when it starts ways to not be distracted to think or worry about anything else, so you can write a list of things basic so you don’t forget me, and do not overdo it in the accessories of the child where the child needs to nappies and some clothes and napkins these are the basic things that you can use it in his first days.

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Talk to previous mothers

If this is your first birth, you can talk with mothers who have preceded you and they passed on this trade, this would reduce the stress and anxiety.

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After that you know with us to answer your question How to get ready for birth in the ninth month we recommend you, my dear readers, if you suffer from anxiety about the birth can you exercise meditation or yoga to reduce tension, as you can also talk with your doctor about it, and in the end we wish you continued health and wellness.

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