How to fatten face

كيفية تسمين الوجه

كيفية تسمين الوجه

Some people face skinny who looks pale, making the person seem older, does not mean allow face to be disadvantageous to a person’s appearance outside, but is helps to look the skin more freshness and vitality and thus shows the person is younger, continued with us dear reader this article to learn how to allow the face in a natural and medical, what are the factors that may cause the thinness of the face.

What are the factors that cause the thinnest face?

There are some factors that cause the lack of fat under the skin of the face which affects the shape of the face, causing the thinnest of his soft cheeks examples of such factors are the following:

The progress of the work

Considered a work in progress is normal with that can maintain the beauty of the face the natural ways which help to keep freshness and vitality.

As a person age causing wrinkles and thin face where the fat cells that can fill the face especially with the lack of attention to a person’s health.

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Sudden weight loss

Before you learn how to fatten face, you should know that one of the reasons the thinnest face is losing weight suddenly as a result of lack of nutrients in the body.

The consequent fat loss even in the face making it thinner and paleness with.

Excessive stress

Of the factors that cause the thinnest face is made to a person for a significant impact on the health of the whole in general and not only the face.

Also, lack of sleep makes a person’s face looks weak where it depletes the excessive stress the strength of a person’s fats stored in body.


It is always advised eating nutritious foods and the body and foods rich in fats or just junk food that causes obesity.

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How to fatten face in a natural

There are many ways that can help to allow the face dramatically, but giving him the freshness and vitality including:

Shea butter and

Can allow face increased beauty through the use of shea butter with the sugar, where they help to fill out the skin and make it flexible and soft.

It also helps the sugar to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells that make the face pale with wrinkles can use them in the following way:

  • Add three to four cups of sugar to a cup of shea butter melted and mix well until the mixture is solid.
  • Clean your face with warm water first and then rub your face with this mask for at least 5 minutes.
  • Knead your face gently in circular motions and then wash it with lukewarm water and dry it well.

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Eating healthy foods

Helps eating healthy foods to maintain a person’s health in general and not just fattening the face.

Where these foods contain rich in antioxidants , vitamins and minerals to fill the face and maintain skin health such as nuts, vegetables, fruits, and oats

Eating avocados

Eating avocado is one of the most important answers to your question about how to name the destination where the avocado fruit of the most recommended for the face.

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Work facial exercises

Help some of the exercises on a label face by moving the facial muscles, cheeks, in the following manner:

  • Fill your mouth with air and swell up your cheeks and and hold in this position for 45 seconds and then outputs the air slowly.
  • Can be done letter O fail open then you smile with your cheeks up and down for 30 seconds.
  • Raise your cheeks up with a smile and the mouth closed and use both hands to lift the cheek up and in this situation for a period of 15 GE 20 seconds.

You can try these exercises daily until you give effective result to your face and make the facial muscles flexible.

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How to fatten face, in the ways medical

There are some medical methods that help to allow the face in the event that natural methods do not give the result, namely:

  • Facial injections fat make of Hedon other regions around which is called the surgery fat transfer.
  • Dermal fillers, where the doctors have some fillings in the area of the cheeks to give the face a more aesthetic appearance.

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In the end, after that you know how to allow the face should move, dear reader, to consult a doctor to find out what are the solutions that suits you and your skin, we wish you continued health and wellness.

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