How to eliminate the habit of smoking

كيفية القضاء على عادة التدخين

كيفية القضاء على عادة التدخين

The smoking of bad habits acquired, which adversely affect the life of the individual, society and so many seek for how to eliminate the habit of smoking and protection of their family and loved ones from the harms of passive smoking, which results in many complications, let us recognize, dear reader, more on how to eliminate that habit.

Stay away from the habit of smoking

If you want to stop smoking, you have to do some changes in your lifestyle, so resist the temptation of cigarettes, in the next few paragraphs we will give you the necessary steps so you know how to eliminate smoking.

How to eliminate the habit of smoking

Created internal cause

To get the incentive, you must find the cause of a strong internal of for quitting smoking, such as protecting your family from the risk of passive smoking, or protect yourself from the infection of serious diseases, such as lung cancer, or cardiovascular disease, the or even maintain your youth and look younger, choose the appropriate reason for you to give you need.

Set up a good plan

There is more to just leave the cigarettes, the brain became associated with nicotine. So when you leave the cigarette smoker, you will show symptoms of nicotine withdrawal, so you have to ask for help and consult your doctor about ways to get rid of smoking different, such as attending lectures about quitting smoking, alternatives to nicotine, and apps to help me quit smoking.

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The use of alternatives to nicotine

When the person stops smoking, will appear symptoms of nicotine withdrawal, such as health, change in mood, and a general reduction in the body’s energy, and a passion for smoking cigarettes has become is difficult, so studies show that gum nicotine, and March, and spot reduce those symptoms when they are common in a quit smoking program.

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How to eliminate the habit of smoking, using drugs

Some drugs can lead by curbing cravings for smoking, and some of the other relieves the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal, you should consult a doctor to get those medications.

Get psychological support

Tops using your family and friends close to help you and encourage you especially when you feel discouraged. You can also join support groups psychological, and behavioral therapy to improve the strategies about how to eliminate the smoking habit, and stick to it.

Give yourself a break.

One of the reasons for smoking is that nicotine helps people to relax. So we have to find new ways to relax, practice meditation (yoga), the practice of sports activities, listening to songs, and compete with friends.

Avoid alcoholic beverages and hot again

كيفية القضاء على عادة التدخين

كيفية القضاء على عادة التدخين

Drinking alcohol makes it difficult to commitment, with the aim of quitting smoking, so you have to take off about him, likewise if you smoke when you drink coffee, reduce them and replaced them with cops, if you smoke after meals, you have to do something different as washing your teethand or chew gum (chewing gum), or walk.

Clean your house

Once you smoke another cigarette, you have to throw out all ashtrays , cigarettes, lighters, wash all clothing that smells like smoke, carpet cleaning, curtains, upholstery workshop and air fresheners.

Don’t give up hope and learn how to eliminate the habit of smoking

A lot of people try several times until they can quit, if you feel frustrated, you have to think about the reasons you got back to smoking again, as a subscriber and situations that I went through, and exploit it as an opportunity to commit to quitting.

How to eliminate the habit of smoking exercise

Exercise activities such as running and exercise skiing and swimming, can reduce smoking cravings, relieve withdrawal symptoms.

How to eliminate the habit of smoking to nutrition, health

Attention to eating vegetables and fruits and whole wheat grains, nutrition and health helps in getting rid of smoking.

Can yourself

In addition to all the health advantages because they arefloppies from smoking, it does provide a lot of money that you can to implement some of as a reward to you because you quit smoking.

In the end, dear reader, may it be the lender has explained how to eliminate the habit of smoking because of its negative impact, and forget to consult one of our doctors here if you have any queries.

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