How to deal with diabetic

كيف أتعامل مع مريض السكر

كيف أتعامل مع مريض السكر

How to deal with diabetic and shore it up. to? This question always comes from those closest to a person newly diagnosed with diabetes, although the change may be somewhat difficult in the beginning, only to find out some steps that you can follow may make it easy a little bit. read on to find out the answer to the question.

How to deal with sick sugar?

You can do a lot to support one of your friends or relatives who are trying to manage your diabetes and live with it, for example:

  • Encourage them, it is difficult to have a serious medical condition you need to manage all the time (try to understand this).
  • Try to recognize the symptoms of low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) andhigh blood sugar the person has a source, and what to do about these symptoms in the case began to emerge it and you along with it.

If you are the main carer for a person with diabetes, you can do more:

  • Go with him to a support group for diabetics.
  • Claimed in making a choice of good food, preparing healthy food together.
  • Mentioned checking the blood sugar levels in time.
  • Helped him keep his doctor’s appointments.
  • Keep a record of the symptoms of the infected person or any other information related to his health.
  • Plans for how to deal with emergencies or complications associated withdiabetes.

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How to deal with patients with diabetes, the medicines they take her?

حاوية تنظيم الأدوية

Container medicines regulation

Need people with diabetes to take medications as prescribed and sometimes may need a little help in that.

  • Make sure that the person is able to give the medication to yourself; you can open the lid of a bottle of pills or give himself insulin? And trying on all diabetes related supplies in appropriate place or not?
  • In the case of taking your family to, capsules or pills, use the tray divider to the south to make the cleaning of medicines easier, this plastic container on the days of the week are included in the parts of the day, and you can get one from most large pharmacies.
  • Fill the cereal bowl once a week or once a month, depending on the situation, check them regularly to see if the person with diabetes taking medication regularly or not.
  • You may not see your friend or your relative well, and may not be able to read a medicine bottle, in this case make an appointment with an ophthalmologist to check his vision.

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Other tips for dealing with a diabetic patient

It is frustrating when it takes a person with diabetes is healthy, but there’s a fine line between ongoing support and urgency or talk to him in an inappropriate way, if I started to give a lecture to the Egyptian people or talk to him demonstrating the endoscopy, may refuse to this person to help you.

For someone newly diagnosed with diabetes, it may be the change in eating habits quite a challenge, so we were a source of encouragement through learning the best strategies diet food, and then help him in making better choices for meals and edit them at home.

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Can be diagnosed with diabetes is scary, especially since there is always a risk of complications, but despite that life-threatening complications can occur, you must keep conversations positive when talking to people with diabetes mellitus, is most likely aware of the possible complications, so I don’t need to hear you talk about the people who died because of diabetes or amputated limb; to provide positive support, not negative stories.

You may feel helpless when you are diagnosed with one of the members of your family or your loved ones with diabetes, but the strength and support you can help this person overcome the most difficult times; we were positive, and provided assistance always, and learn as much as possible about the disease may seem to these efforts is insignificant from your perspective but it can make a big difference in someone’s life.

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