How to clean feeding kids

How to clean feeding kids through the site of the Arab Health in the shadow of the mother’s inability to breast-feed her child the natural way resort for most mothers to use artificial feeding through feeding children, whether breastfeeding bottle or plastic, so war is always on the safety of the infant from injury, certain diseases, bacterial or viral infections that may afflict him as a result of failure to sterilize feeding well, and sterilize feeding well and cleaned before and after use.


Way to regulate the feeding of the plastic

If you take care of everything necessary to a child is one of the duties of the mother, especially the regulation of feeding”pepperoni”, and that a good cleaning for breastfeeding protects the baby from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract by following a few steps, namely:

  • You must read the special instructions that the company wrote it, which belong to the cleaning method of feeding.
  • It is recommended washing the parts feeding well with water means clean dishes and use the brush before you use pepperoni for the first time, as you should wash the breast with hot water thoroughly to get rid of the effects of the cleaning liquid and then to sterilization.
  • Take into account washing feeding well after use so it doesn’t stick out the throat, causing rot or stink, by filling a large bowl with hot water means for washing dishes, and then put all the parts of the breast therein.

A way to sterilize the bottles with boiling water

Prefer to use boiling water to sterilize feeding either glass or plastic to get rid of bacteria and viruses lingering on the way:

  • You should put a pan of water on low heat.
  • Unscrew all the parts of the breast such as the nipple, the container of the runway, cover, and other parts of the breast and put it into the vessel brought to the people.
  • Leave feeding parts in the water even begins to boil for at least five minutes.
  • Lifting the pot from the fire and then take the parts of the feeding and put in reverse on a clean towel, until you filter the remaining water and dry them completely.

Precautions when using a breast plastic

  • Not to put boiling water with milk industrial user for breastfeeding, but after that it cools down a bit so don’t interact boiled water with a plastic, so it’s best purchased from a good species that do not react with water.
  • Should your hands are clean and sterile before a meal in feeding your child.
  • Careful not to keep the milk in the breast after their use, so as not to stick out, spread the germs inside.

How many times obstructed the breast of

Ask many of the ladies about the number of times sterilization throughout the day, so you will explain this important observation.

  • Sterilize the feeding after every feeding for the child during the four months of the initial age of the child, so don’t talk to him the rest of the milk on the walls of the feeding of the ” best”.
  • If used for the first time, it must be cleaned and sterilized well, even if their appearance and aroma clean.
  • In the event of its fall to the ground either from your hands or from the hands of the child from the door more with you, especially if you think of a pet in your home.

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