How to calculate menstrual cycle and pregnancy

Calculate menstrual cycle have to do with planning to conceive during the ovulation period and that’s the situation of women in its desire to be a mother thus to calculate the session dates of which will be through some ways for you to calculate the last cycle.


How to calculate menstrual cycle

  • You must pay attention to write the dates of the menstrual cycle is the last through some means where you can book The Last appointment of the state by mobile phone or through some of the various applications loaded on the phones.
  • Can is use result the codification of the day of the start of the session to facilitate the process of calculating the time and if it is regular or irregular.
  • Can use some of the devices responsible for the calculation of the menstrual cycle and pregnancy.

The method of calculating menstrual cycle

  1. Different calculate menstrual cycle of the woman job by hormones according to the regularity of the state or not, then different dates of ovulation in women.
  2. You must write the day of the start of the session, calculate, and know their timing next month.
  3. Be of the menstrual cycle when the woman is variable and starts from the 28th day up to 35 day by every lady and most likely period of ovulation when the middle of the state.

Calculate the ovulation period

  • Is calculate the ovulation period when each lady, as her condition has come when some women regularly e every twenty eight days, in that case be the descent of the ovum on the fourteenth day since the account the first day.
  • The women and be non-productive and Fitch calculate the days of ovulation by knowing the expected day of the menstrual cycle to the next person in that situation is the account accepted the fourteen day of such period is the period of ovulation.
  • In the case if the menstrual cycle every thirty-five day and be attentive to the calculation of the period of the swell will be in the twenty-first day of the beginning of the session.
  • The cost of the state when some of the women on the body of the twenty-one day and it calculates the first day of the session shall be a date of ovulation in the previous day.

Marks the date of ovulation

  1. There are some of the signs that is calculate the ovulation period and by observing the vaginal discharge post menstrual cycle, where such discharge is oblique to The Shape of the egg white in that case there is the probability of pregnancy is great if the if the discharge is oblique to the color of white Vickers probability of pregnancy is weak.
  2. Among the signs of the start of ovulation a slight increase in the temperature of the body is done daily after the expiration of the period of the state.
  3. There are some of the devices that are responsible for the calculation of ovulation and measuring the increase of hormones and that is through a urine test then the women follow the instructions that are on the device and its proper operation to ensure results.

We present a calculation of the menstrual cycle and pregnancy please follow us to see what’s new and what for women’s health in general.

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