How to be the movement of the fetus in the sixth month

كيف تكون حركة الجنين في الشهر السابع

كيف تكون حركة الجنين في الشهر السابع

One of the most moments of pregnancy is exciting is that moment you feel the freedom of the fetus first, and this freedom is what will make you feel communion with your little one, and the previous thought of the month professional development regarding the movement of the fetus in the womb, so to find out the answer to your question How to be the movement of the fetus in the seventh month , keep with us the following article.

When you feel the need movements first fetus?

Usually feel the need to freely a fetus first in the period between 16th week of pregnancy and week 25 of pregnancy, sometimes when the pregnancy is first the need you may feel the first movement with the end of the 25th week of pregnancy, some mothers women who became pregnant before to feel movement of the fetus with the entry in Week 13 of pregnancy, and most mothers feel baby’s movement when not in a level, such as sitting or lying down.

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How to be fetal movement in the months previous?

The seventh month is the beginning of the second trimester of pregnancy which is from the month of the pivot, which happens a lot of the changes you and the committee, and this month completed the growth of all the members of the embryo the main internal, as the fetus begins to discover his body through thumb sucking or tighten the fingers, the movement of the fetus is less than in this month due to some changes.

Tight space the womb

In the sixth month of pregnancy up the length of the fetus to a 10 inch (25 cm) and weigh up to 1700 grams, and because of these changes, growth of the uterus adds to the fetus, which means inability to move and explore as in the past, will start feeling the movements of the fetus in the development gradually.

Sleep fetus

With the beginning of the entry in the third trimester of pregnancy the fetus will start to sleep because of the completeness of the composition of the biological clock which is substantially similar to the hourly biological adult, with the introduction of the fetus in the sleep you the contrast you may encounter some difficulties in finding the status of good sleep in addition to some of the symptoms that make sleep more difficult, such as fever and shortness of breath.

Sudden movements

Despite the lack of fetal movement this month, but it is common feeling movements and kicks, sudden and strong, and it happens due to the ability of the fetus to respond to various stimuli such as light and sound, heat and light and pain, so exposure to loud sound like it is normal to feel movement of the fetus occurs when the fetus hear your voice or the music had put him in a state of relaxation again.

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The importance of fetal movement in the uterus

كيف تكون حركة الجنين في الشهر السابع

كيف تكون حركة الجنين في الشهر السابع

This may seem like kicking something randomly or spontaneously in most cases, however, the challenges of the fetus in the uterus a lot of benefits, as it enhances the strength of the bones and stretch the muscles, a lot of research wondered if these movements are beyond the control of the child or it is determined one’s own free will, has been proved from these studies that the fetus actually be excited by, as it is with access to the second trimester of pregnancy , the fetus moves for the equivalent of 30 times every hour.

In the case of weren’t reached a week 25 of the pregnancy and stopped the movement of the fetus, it is important not to jump to conclusions and negative terms that some of the embryos are less active than usual, and with time you’ll be familiar with the situation where the fetus is active, and to consult a doctor in case of poor fetal movement be when you’re not feeling 10 movements at least during the two hours or weakness of the movement in general.

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After identify the answer to your question How to be the movement of the fetus in the seventh month , we recommend you to concentrate on the movement of the baby to track The Times that he is asleep or more active sounds that provoke it, it is expected that the movement of the fetus during the ninth month of pregnancy in preparation for birth, we wish you the birth control, and Bolivia quickly.

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