How to Bath a baby

كيفية استحمام الطفل الرضيع

كيفية استحمام الطفل الرضيع

There are some things that a mother should know her after the birth of the infant, for example knowing how to bath the baby where you think that point is important, because the child of course will need great care, especially in the first months, and to find out the way to keep this article.

How many times need to take a shower?

May be three times a week is enough so your child becomes more mobile, it can lead bathing overload for your child to dry his skin, you have to change diapers and fabrics belching, and the parts that need attention include the face, neck and diaper.

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Tips before you bath the baby

كيفية استحمام الطفل الرضيع

كيفية استحمام الطفل الرضيع

Include these tips include the following:

Clean the eye

Raise your child on your knees or table and a nappy change, take off all his clothes, wrapped it with a towel, dip a cotton swab in the water (make sure he doesn’t smile much) and wipe gently around your baby’s eyes from the inside to the outside, use a new piece of cotton for each eye, and it doesn’t even save any for my husband or infection of the eye to the other.

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Ear cleaning

Use a new piece of cotton for cleaning around my ear your baby, but not inside it, don’t use chopsticks ear cleaning to your child, wash the rest of your child’s face and neck and hands the same way and wipe dry with towel.

Cleaning diapers

Take off the diaper and wash the lower part of the area of your child’s genitals cotton and warm water, wipe dry carefully, including between the folds of the skin, put on a clean diaper, you will help your child to relax if you keep talking while you wash it, the more I hear your voice more, it will depend on listening to you and begin to understand what you’re saying.

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Related topics

How to Bath a baby

Better not bathe your baby immediately after feeding or when hungry or tired, make sure that the rooms that where warm, get everything you need at your fingertips: wash pot clean and filled with warm water and a towel both the clean and clean clothes and wool cotton.

The water should be warm, not hot, check it out using your wrist or your elbow, hold your baby on your knees and clean my face, after that, wash the hair with plain water, once drying his hair gently, you can remove the diaper, wipe any mess.
Lower your baby gently into the bowl or bath using one hand to hold your upper arm and support his head and shoulders, do not add any liquid detergent to the bath water, plain water is the best skin of your baby in the first month.

Make your baby’s head away from the water, use the other hand to improve the water gently over your baby without splashing livestock, do not leave your baby alone in the bath, not even for one second, lift up your baby and dry, with attention to the best of his skin.

This is the time to massage your baby, it can help him a massage to relax and sleep, avoid the use of oils or lotions until your baby months at least, if your child is afraid of bathing and cried, and make sure that the water is not too hot.

Which is better to bathe the child in the morning or at night?

It’s up to you to choose a time don’t be in a hurry, some parents choose the morning time, when the children alert, others prefer to make the bath part of your bedtime ritual soothing, if you hold your baby after feeding, consider waiting until your stomach first.

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In the end, dear mother now that I know how to Bath a baby we recommend you request one to help in the first month, and be sure to dry your baby well, and the water temperature and the room.

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