How to avoid obesity and excess weight in the holiday

Possible to save days holiday and avoid obesity without gaining more weight, food proper, exercise are the ideal solution for the treatment of obesity and to overcome them.

Has provide us with a full meal at the feast consisting of fish, potatoes, meat, sweets, rice and about 4,000 kcal.

At the same time you must be repeated an individual’s diet to about 2000 calories.

How to make holiday the best health and avoid obesity

Don’t have access to the presence of the feast, and you’re hungry and must not be fasting also throughout the day, because the individual when he feels hungry he eats anything.

Even food fat gas useful in large quantities, you should eat a light breakfast consisting of:

  • A cup of yogurt, a slice of experience with some of the cheese and the salad is large, it is possible to add her little cubes of cheese, which contains fat few.

On the occasion of Eid they must change some of the habits you have and replace it with another and start eating vegetables.


So what happens if you eat five colors of vegetables

Containing vegetables, food wonderful in addition to being saturated and healthy, resulting in maintaining weight.

It is possible to eat it in all forms whether fresh, or it was grilled, frozen but it is best not to put a large amount of oil on it.

The diversity in the colors of the vegetables are diversity in interest that the body gets it, can Development are as follows:

  • Vegetable green is in(lettuce, broccoli, parsley, green onion, spinach).
  • Vegetables red(such as beets, tomatoes, radishes).
  • Vegetable white like(mushrooms, onion, garlic, broccoli).
  • A vegetable is the color of the purple(cabbage, Violet, beetroot, eggplant).
  • Vegetables yellow and orange(carrots, squash, cantaloupe, sweet potato, and orange bell pepper).

It has vegetables on the calories at a lower rate than the size of this vegetable, resulting in a full stomach and a sense of satiety.

It features a vegetable basis in dietary fiber, and takes a long time in the chewing process, resulting in the length of time it takes to eat a meal which tricks the brain a sense of satiety.

The reliance on food few calories but at the same time helps the feeling of satiety, such as:

  • Green salad and vegetable soup at the first food is working on increasing the sense of satiety, resulting in reduction of calorie intake during the meal.

The benefits of drinking water

Of the best ways to reduce calories consumed throughout the day, is to stay away from drinks that contain sugar.

Containing a juice box of any kind for about seven teaspoons of sugar.

If the intake of the individual three or four cans it prevents the body the amount of sugar the convergence of my answer from 600 to 900 kcal.

You should limit drinking beverages added sugar, replacing them drinking water or ice water with some of your favorite herbs like catnip like or soda with some lemon juice.

Dietary fiber and its benefits

The presence of these fibers in the solid part or the rigid of vegetables such as seeds, pericarp and the outer casing.

Where these fibers to slowdown the digestion and absorption of food in the intestine, and give a sense of satiety, and in this way they come to maintain the weight.

Can get fiber by eating vegetables, whole rice, legumes (soy, peas, chickpeas, lentils).

Physical activity instead of a gout of

Where is gout is normally cause a high weight, where it eats an individual of anything in any quantity without attention, come this way to double the calorie intake.

It is better to eat food at the time of meals, by customizing the three main meals a breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

And between them two snacks between them, maintaining the meals in those times only, and to maintain brushing your teeth after meals.


Conservative and hold on physical activity, which does not have the goal of just getting rid of the calories, but to make the body appearance the best.

Must be the exploitation of the feast days in the war, active and favorite of everyone like swimming, walking with your loved one, play games that play collectively to create more intimacy between you.

Some tips for meals in holiday

  • The dimension of drinks, added sugar in large quantities.
  • Not eating and chewing quickly, but must slow down and savoring a meal.
  • Better to start the meal either by green or soup vegetables.
  • Rely on the grilled food and steamed and stay away from fried food, in order to reduce calories within the body.

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