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Usually people, panicked when infection with the hepatitis C virus, commonly known as (Sovaldi), the air contaminated, blood transfusions, tattoos, and sexual contact, is one of the most prominent factors that lead to infection with the context and all, but his recent analysis of HIV policy, which reveals the disease in its early stages, choose the test antibody, and test PCR, qualitative analysis, and is one of the most important types of analysis of HIV policy, in this article, we will explore more information about how the analysis of HIV policy, the types, and the appearance in the blood.

What is the virus C?

It is a disease of the liver, caused by hepatitis C, an infectious disease affecting primarily the liver, the virus C or hepatitis C, one of the main causes in cancer of the liver, and can cause the virus infection inflammation of the liver acute and chronic.

تحليل فيروس سي

تحليل فيروس سي

What are the ways of infection with C?

Is infection with hepatitis C, A virus policy, via several factors, most notably, the contaminated blood, the transmission of contaminated blood of the body, the person knows, infection with a viral context, which is called the infection connection (blood for blood), may be infection with the context, through needles and contaminated needles, tattoos, and during a blood transfusion, and use the tools own personal infected person, the cars, cut the distance of the nails, brush teeth, special blades to shave.

The virus is transmitted from an infected mother load-bearing virus to the baby during delivery and childbirth, it may happen HIV policy, as a result of sexual contact between infected person and uninfected, and infection as a result of the lack of good sterilization, prior to starting the transfusion, it should be noted that Sovaldi is not transmitted through the air or eating and drinking.

What are the stages of infection with C?

Pass infection with hepatitis C virus context, including the stages of:

1 – incubation period

Is the period from the start of the battle personal injury pending confirmation of the disease and start its effectiveness inside the body, has up the incubation period of the disease for 45 days.

2 – acute inflammation

It is the inflammation that occurs with the start of HIV infection, especially B first 6 months, when he entered the army.

3. the chronic inflammation

Occurs chronic inflammation, in case of the neglect of the patient, and not take him for treatment, and may extend this inflammation numerous health problems.

4 – liver cirrhosis

In this case, reach the liver cells to move, which may cause the necessity to replace the cells of another sound, and it needs this kind of 20-3 treatment in the appearance of its symptoms.

5-liver cancer

This is kind of the most dangerous and the latest types of stages of infection with the context, which is as a result of injury relax the liver, which receive the cells, which may expose the patient to develop cancer of the liver.

تحليل فيروس سي

تحليل فيروس سي

What are the symptoms of infection with virus C?

Show some of the symptoms sometimes, after six or seven weeks, from infecting the patient viral disease context of Epidemiology, the symptoms appear long after infection, and these symptoms:

  • Poor appetite, lack of eating, lack of weight significantly
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Severe pain with
  • Urinary retention, and bowel movements. internal
  • Pain of joints and muscles
  • Very high temperature
  • Yellowing of wholesale
  • Swelling of the feet
  • Change the color of stool the color of dark
  • No ascites is the last stage of the patient, which may be expected right after.

How to analyze a virus C?

The work is the analysis hepatitis C, or HIV context, to ascertain the extent of injury to the person, infected with the virus, and analysis by, Take a blood sample from the person subjected to several tests to make sure he contracted the virus, and feel free and test analysis virus context, to get the diagnosis appropriate.

What are the types of analysis of the virus C?

Antibody test

It is through the production of the human body of antibodies, which might eliminate the virus once it appears, and these antibodies by taking a blood sample from a patient person, if the result is negative, it indicates a lack of injury to the person with the car, either in the case of the appearance of the result is in the affirmative, it confirms the person is infected and the disease of viral.

Test PCR

Known as the polymerase chain reaction: determines the choice of polymerase chain reaction, in the case of appearance of positive test antibodies, this test reveals the presence of genetic material of the virus, in the body of the infected, where a negative result on the presence of the virus previously and recover them in the meantime, as for the appearance of the result is in the affirmative Vader about the availability of Sovaldi around, and when the work of the two Tests and the previous two, confirming the presence of the virus epidemic, it has necessity to start the necessary treatment.

Qualitative analysis

Uses qualitative analysis, in the diagnosis of cases infected with hepatitis C virus policy, and rules of qualitative analysis, in the diagnosis of disease since the time of the start of his injury, and this transfer of infection, from a week to two weeks.

Analysis of RNA

Known as DNA analysis, and this kind of the most important types of analysis, it is the state of looking in the cells of the blood source, for the presence of virus policies inside the cells.

Test genotype

Is this test for blood, in order to ensure any safety for the context of epidemic inside the blood, and strains of hepatitis, of which up to 7 digits.

Analysis of liver enzymes

This happens the conversion ratio and the level of liver enzymes, and produces enzymes significantly, in the case of liver injury, infections, and some of the people, it is believed that the analysis of liver enzymes, reveals the extent of the efficiency and capacity of the work of the liver, but this is the wrong concept.

تحليل فيروس سي

تحليل فيروس سي

Do you request analysis of a virus policy that a person is fasting for?

No needs analysis of the virus context, to be a person is fasting, because the analysis reveals the proportion of antibody within the body and unrelated to the maintenance person or onychomycosis, says the analysis of HIV policy led by the mechanical action of antibodies and its effectiveness inside the body, if the result is negative, it confirms the lack of injury to the person with the context of the epidemiological, and if the result is positive, it confirms the person is infected and the disease, and you need to stop for a specialist directly, to receive the necessary treatment.

You shows-virus policy in the analysis of Blood Normal?

Become the analysis of blood was normal, an analysis important, which shows through her many diseases, including the detection of infection with virus C, can detect infection with a viral context of the epidemic through analysis of normal blood, through the search for the presence of antibodies to virus hepatitis.

In the case of the discovery of the antibodies, a PCR analysis that detects the presence of the virus and is recognize the size of it, it also helps analyze blood, detect liver damage by measuring liver enzymes in the blood.

What do we do in the case of the emergence of the analysis of HIV policies is a positive weak?

In the case of the emergence of the analysis of virus positive context is weak, you should immediately work PCR analysis, to confirm the presence of the virus around than not, has has after for full functions of the liver, and a CT scan to make sure the safety of the liver.

Became the treatment of viral car very easily, by swallowing the tablets in the mouth, and by injection as the treatment was in the past, but the most important step is to assess the condition of the liver, before you start treatment.

Now has we know how the infection with a viral context of the epidemic, its symptoms, modes of transmission and the causes of infection and types of analysis of HIV policy, we have reached our conclusion, you can identify the

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