How it was discovered diabetes

كيف تم أكتشاف مرض السكري

كيف تم أكتشاف مرض السكري

How it was discovered diabetes and the beginning of his first infected by the questions often raised the scandal when some of the people who are suffering from diabetes or even who want to knowledge as a kind of general culture, learn with us, dear reader, the answers to your questions through the following article.

Before going into how it was discovered diabetes, what is diabetes

Diabetes patients with respect to some problems with the hormone insulin in the General Assembly, where pancreatic insulin is to assist in the storage of sugar and fat from the food you eat, it can appear diabetes when the pancreas produces very little insulin or no result, or when the body doesn’t respond to insulin properly, and even now there is no complete cure, where the needs of people living with diabetes to live with their disease to stay healthy.

Before the discovery of insulin

Before the discovery of insulin in 1922, diabetes was often a fatal disease, where the high levels of sugar in the blood and in the urine symptoms, the scientists know only in the early twentieth century that the substance of the pancreas can be reduced sugar levels.

Was Frederick M. Allen(1879-1964) was the first to realize that diabetes was more of a problem in the glucose in the blood instead was a disturbance in the metabolism.

Developed Allen best treatment for diabetes before insulin, a diet restricted calories and the fat and protein mainly, with a minimum amount of carbohydrates needed to maintain health, and between 1914 and 1918 treated 100 patients with diabetes in the hospital of the Rockefeller through this diet, and many of the other doctors in his description, including Elliot Joslin leading American specialists in diabetes.

How it was discovered diabetes

Count Frederick M. Allen on experiments conducted on hundreds of dogs, cats, and other animals that she had diabetes by removing the pancreas of some animals but not all, for three decades, scientists have known that the removal of the pancreas completely from the dog’s get rid symptoms of severe you shouldn’t are not an explanation, and finds D.Allen to the disease, which affects animals is more like a disease that infects humans.

And then he in control of their food intake accurately and measured the proportion of glucose in the urine, and the results of its work published in 1913 the attention of the Rockefeller Institute co-founder of the newly.

The diseases of the metabolic hub of the country in the hospital of the Rockefeller which was opened in 1910 and has been recruiting Allen to expand his research to include studies with patients.

The diet Allen away from the treatment, where essentially led to the injury of diabetes acute to severe hunger in order to control the disease, but many diabetics have asked his treatment and their diet.

It also enabled hundreds of people maybe thousands of stay alive long enough to receive insulin when it is available, and left Alan Rockefeller in 1918 to establish his own clinic for the treatment of diabetes mellitus and other disorders of the metabolism to conduct research.

After the announcement of the discovery of insulin, Allen was one of the first physicians who received samples of the hormone to train with patients prior to their distribution generally, and made contributions in creating an effective system to manage insulin.

The discoveries of other prominent since the early development of insulin and metformin

After that we know how it was discovered diabetes monitor highlights the discoveries of other prominent since the early development of insulin and metformin:

  • The development of insulin NPH long-acting in the Forties by Novo Nordisk.
  • The discovery of medication sulfonylureas in 1942.
  • The re-use of biguanides for Type II diabetes in the late 1950’s, where they pull a sample fire first in all over the world (in the United States in 1977), andmetformin was marketed for the first time in France in 1979.
  • To determine the amino acid sequence of insulin (by Sir Frederick Sanger, who won the Nobel Prize), and insulin is a protein first identified the structure of the amino acid in it.
  • Immunoassay for insulin, as discovered by Rosalyn what some Pearson (yall got the Nobel Prize in 1977 in Physiology or medicine).

After that we know how it was discovered diabetes and the most important scientists and explorers for the experiments conducted, if you want to take advantage of diabetes you can consult one of our doctors here.

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