How is the installation of orthodontic

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كيف يتم تركيب تقويم الأسنان

If you are about your braces twisted, bridging the gaps, enjoy your smile more attractive, it may be you have some questions about how is the installation of braces on? And what usefulness it? Can you, dear reader, follow this article.

Instructions after the installation of orthodontic

  • After you get the braces, during an hour or two, are likely to feel some discomfort.
  • You may notice pain only when you eat, or you may feel a headache a year or discomfort in the jaw for several days.
  • You can experience pain medication without prescription, such as ibuprofen, or naproxen, or acetaminophen to relieve the pain.
  • You can also try a drug that contains benzocaine to numb the area, to relieve tooth pain.
  • Eat light foods to reduce the pain caused by mastication, these foods should be easy to eat like yogurt, mashed potatoes, cauliflower puree, fish, fruit soft, like berries and bananas, macaroni and cheese, and juices.
  • You may also have painful places in your mouth where there are fillings or wires on the edges of your cheeks, use the wax provided by your doctor to cover the parts of the braces that are causing you pain.
  • You can also try rinsing with a solution of salt or put a local anesthetic on the painful places.
  • Within a month, you will be conditioning your mouth to straighten teeth, and will not encounter this kind of pain.

Days the biggest in the life of the person who wears braces is the day in which to put the calendar and the day take it off, get on the calendar does not hurt, and it only takes an hour or two.

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How is the installation of orthodontics?

The main thing that you will notice is that your teeth will begin to set up in its place, that is the reason why wearing braces, but you will also routine a new daily to care for your teeth after putting braces.

Breaks orthodontist

The doctor put spacers between the molars one week before the installation of the calendar, and that the differences is about bars, rubber or metal appliances used in orthodontics, so if your back teeth are very close to each other.

Dental cleaning prior to installation of the calendar

Before placing the braces, your teeth should be really clean, once you clean your teeth and dry them thoroughly, your doctor can put the calendar.

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Paste quotients calendar

  • A metal devices or ceramic small that hold the wires in place.
  • Put orthodontist a small amount of glue in the center of each tooth, and then directs a blue light on your teeth to adjust the glue, usually the glue tastes bad, but it is nontoxic for you.
  • The next step is to put the crops calendar in the middle of the tooth.

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How is the installation of the orthodontist put a metal strip

  • Basing orthodontics the doctor put a metal band on the background.
  • After selecting a segment size appropriate for your age, says the orthodontist put some glue on the tape, and puts the glue with the help of light blue, Wesley tape to damage or allow can.

Attach the wires to the calendar

  • Once it is installed quotients calendar and a metal strip tightly, the doctor says to attach a wire to the calendar (called the Archwire and take the form of a bow) past.
  • In the beginning he says wrapping an elastic band to install the wires of the calendar many people choose the color of the rubber bands themselves.
  • You must make sure that these wires don’t touch the back of the gums.

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How is the installation of braces back?

  • Like a traditional calendar, but it is placed on the back of the teeth on the hand of the tongue instead of front teeth called Lingual.
  • Due to his office, may take place it a little longer than the traditional calendar.

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In the end, dear reader, put braces is generally painless and feel good about the shape of your teeth, and if you have any queries you can consult one of our doctors here.

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