How is cleaning the lung from the effects of smoking

كيف يتم تنظيف الرئة من آثار التدخين

كيف يتم تنظيف الرئة من آثار التدخين

A lot of people don’t know how to clean the lung from the effects of smoking .. although this technique may benefit people smokers significantly, people who suffer from chronic conditions that affect the respiratory system such as asthma andchronic obstructive pulmonary disease, andcystic fibrosis caused by smoking, so in this article we will with on the most important ways to grow the lung.

How is lung the effects of smoking?

Steam treatment

كيف يتم تنظيف الرئة من آثار التدخين

  • The steam therapy or the inhalation of water vapor is important to open your airways, and help the lungs to discharge mucus, where it adds Steam to warmth and moisture to air, which may improve the development.
  • You may notice people suffering from lung disease that the symptoms of this disease worsen in cold or dry air. This product can dry the mucous membranes in the airways and blood flow.
  • This may be the treatment solution temporarily effective, but researchers need to conduct more research before they understand fully the benefits of steam treatment for the health of the lung.

Frequent cough

كيف يتم تنظيف الرئة من آثار التدخين

كيف يتم تنظيف الرئة من آثار التدخين

Coughing is a way by the body to expel toxins naturally, as frequent coughing makes you lose excess mucus in the lungs, and sends it across the airways.

Many wonder how is cleaning the lung from the effects of smoking, so doctors recommend to conduct the following exercises to implement their lungs to flush out excess mucus:

  • Sit on a chair with relaxed shoulders, while keeping both feet flat on the floor.
  • Two your arms over the stomach.
  • Inhale slowly through the nose.
  • Out exhale slowly, and you’re leaning forward, and then push the lever in the face of knowledge.
  • Just cough once or three times during the exhale, and keep your mouth slightly open.
  • Inhale slowly through the nose again.
  • Rose a little, and repeat this process as necessary.

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Expel mucus from the lungs

This method will help to improve the development and definition of lung from the effects of cigarette smoking and it has three methods:

On the back

  • Lie on the floor or bed.
  • Put a pillow below the hips to make sure that the chest in the lower level of the hips.
  • Inhale slowly through your nose, and exhale through the mouth, and continued this process for a few minutes.

On your side

  • Lie on one side, put your head on my arm or a pillow.
  • Repeat the pattern of previous development.

On the abdomen

  • Put some pillows on the floor.
  • Place the belly on the pillows, remember to keep the hips above the chest.
  • Repeat the pattern of previous development.

Physical exercise

Perform regular aerobic exercise to improve physical and mental health of the persons, as they reduce the risk of many health conditions, including stroke andheart disease that may afflict smokers.

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How is cleaning the lung from the effects of smoking ways natural?

Green tea

Green tea contains many antioxidants, which may help reduce the inflammation of the lungs caused by smoking, the carrying of these compounds lung tissue from the harmful effects of inhaling smoke.

According to a recent study involving more than 1000 adults in Korea, found that people who drink two cups at least of green tea daily functions of the lungs better than those who do not drink green tea.

How is cleaning the lung from the effects of smoking food anti-inflammatory is?

Can cause inflammation of the airways resulting from smoking, difficulty in breathing, and causes a feeling of heaviness in the chest. So you should eat anti-inflammatory foods reduce inflammation of the airways, and these foods:

  • Turmeric.
  • Leafy vegetables.
  • Cherry.
  • Berries.
  • Olive.
  • Everyone’s eyes
  • Beans.
  • Justice.

In the end, dear reader, I know our with to how is lung the effects of smoking, the most important natural ways to implement them, and if you have any queries you can consult one of our doctors here.

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