How fast a diabetic patient

كيف يصوم مريض السكري

كيف يصوم مريض السكري

There are a lot of questions about how fast a patient diabetes? Is fasting useful for better health? If you are considering fasting and have diabetes, then you definitely want to know what the risks are, and how to avoid them, and why you should check with your doctor first, and proceed with us to answer your questions.

How fast a patient diabetes?

There are several ways and Means for a diabetes patient to follow them to catch them, here are these ways:

Intermittent fasting

Some types of fasting are not allowed any food at all, but in the way intermittent fasting, you can follow the pattern of intermittent fasting for specific hours and then eat normally.

Some types of intermittent fasting include:

Fasting alternate day

In this type of tracking your usual diet in a normal day, then eat less than 600 calories the next day, with the repetition of this pattern throughout the week, this is linked to the system’s plan of 5: 2 the famous, Where eat a healthy diet product 5 days a week, and to about 500 to 800 calories on the other two days.

Eating decision at a specific time

This system get all your calories by a specific number of hours, for example, in line 8 hours, you can eat from 6 pm until 10 am, then start fasting from 10 am until 6 pm and so on.

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How fast a diabetic patient steps waiting?

There are several steps you must to a diabetic patient followed by fasting, including:

Ask your doctor

  • Before you try fasting, talk to your doctor first, if you suffer from diabetes of the first type, or other health problems because of diabetes, or you suffer from hypoglycemia, it is recommended your doctor not to fast.
  • If your doctor said it’s fine to try, ask if you need to check your blood sugar more than once, or adjust the medication to your diabetes while fasting and after.

Watch for signs of low blood sugar

If you begin to feel unstable or sweating, it may be the rate of sugar in your blood is too low, stop fasting immediately, and addressing the shortage of sugar in the blood services that follow her always, for example, intake of a solution of glucose or a drink with a sugar following meals small and balanced, even return blood sugar levels to normal.

How fast a diabetic patient carefully?

  • Be careful about what you eat after fasting, eat a lot of carbohydrates after fasting, where can work carbohydrates to raise the sugar levels in blood; so choose healthy and balanced meals and snacks.
  • Be careful and don’t do tough exercises during your fast, it has lead to exercise hard work to lower blood sugar levels, which may lead to shortage of sugar in the blood. Ask your doctor about activities that must be done, or take a break.
  • After breakfast, do some activities, for example moving a lot or take a walk during long-distance running, will help you that to activate your body to digest breakfast properly.
  • Keep the moisture of your body, the incidence of diabetes, your risk of dehydration, which may make it difficult to control blood sugar. Drink plenty of water and drinks free of calories after fasting.

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In the end, dear reader, and after that I knew how to shoot a diabetic … if you are suffering from this disease follow well these steps, you must consult your doctor, and if you want to utilize, you can consult one of our doctors here.

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