How do we protect the elderly from the koruna in Ramadan?



Each of the wishes to protect his family and love especially at this critical juncture, which passes by the whole world because of the spread of MERS-CoV, and with the entry of the month of Ramadan, we are concerned more on the elderly in the family, and the most important question which comes to our mind is how to protect seniors from the corona in Ramadan?, the All you have to do is follow this article in order to find out the answer.

Why should we care about the elderly in particular?

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) , the elderly and people aged over 65 years, Persons with some chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease, are the people most vulnerable to HIV infection, and they are the most likely to die due to HIV infection, where 8 people out of 10 people infected digest.

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How to protect seniors from the corona virus in Ramadan?

Concern, our safety is the first step to caring for the elderly, so do not even be the cause of transfer of infection to them, so we must abide by the ways of prevention from corona virus, it can do:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly to not transfer the infection to them.
  • Not coughing or sneezing near them.
  • Clean the home and disinfect surfaces to not transfer the infection.
  • The reduction of personal visits, although it might be kind of hard because the elderly feel happy when with friends and other family members.
  • Keep away a distance of not less than two meters in the case with the elderly.
  • Buying the requirements for them so they don’t have to get out of the House.
  • Into account the health status of older persons especially with the closure of mosques which were a big part of the lives of the elderly.
  • Do the work health and cooling social, so don’t even feel social isolation, which may be the cause of weak immunity and mental health.
  • Communicate with the elderly in the family through social media.
  • Teach older persons the use of media and modern such as the use of laptops and smart devices, so they can communicate with others.
  • Problems of the elderly some old memories through pictures, which may help to raise the morale of them.

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Tips for the elderly for the Prevention of the virus

Can we ask the seniors to follow a few guidelines Health important to keep their health, these are the instructions in:

  • Stay at home as much as possible.
  • Wash your hands regularly with soap and water for 20 seconds.
  • Keep a distance between them and the others by about two meters.
  • Stay at home in case of feeling tired and the need to consult a doctor.
  • Exercise and maintain physical activity within the organization.
  • Exposure to sunlight daily.
  • Eat their own medicines on time.

When should seniors visit the doctor?

For screening International Medical can postpone it if it’s not urgent, or can be done over the phone, in case it was necessary to call a doctor in order to determine a suitable date.

In the case of appearance of any symptom of the virus light, you should stay home, and not socialize, and subject isolation even providing the symptoms, but in the case of the appearance of symptoms of more serious such as shortness of breath, pressure on chest area, turning the lips and face blue, you should go to the hospital immediately for examination and treatment.

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And now dear reader do you know how to protect seniors from the corona in Ramadan? And how can we help them avoid the feeling back? And what are the procedures that you must follow to maintain their health?, the Tell us in the comments do you do all of the instructions that we have mentioned it? And how did you deal with the elderly at this time? In the end we pray that Allah saves you and saves the girl loved you both, and perpetuate the blessings of Health and wellness.

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