How do we maintain the whiteness of teeth

كيف نحافظ على بياض الأسنان

كيف نحافظ على بياض الأسنان

Do you lack your smile some of their luster? Are you asking how to maintain the whiteness of teeth with natural materials and safe? Are you thinking about whitening your teeth? Well dear reader, follow us, read this article to learn how you can restore the luster of your smile in a healthy, simple, and safe?

How do we maintain the whiteness of teeth with natural materials and safe?

Coconut oil

The tops of the smear coconut oil on your teeth daily for 15-20 minutes, working coconut oil to remove the bacteria the mouth, which preserves the whiteness of teeth.

Baking soda

Mix baking soda with water to become a as the whitened of the teeth, on experience working a scrape the material accumulated on your teeth, but you should consult your doctor about the baking soda before you use them because of their side effects may negatively impact on your teeth.

Hydrogen peroxide

You can use hydrogen peroxide as a mouthwash or mixed with baking soda to configure the toothpaste whitened teeth.

Apple cider vinegar to maintain the whiteness of teeth

No antibacterial properties, but excessive use may lead to erosion of tooth enamel.

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Strawberry to whiten teeth

Work the mixture of baking soda and strawberry as a natural remedy to maintain the whiteness of the teeth, where it is used as the whitening of the teeth.

Pineapple and its importance to the teeth

The toothpaste contains bromelain, an enzyme present in pineapple, but is not yet confirmed if eating pineapple may help maintain the whiteness of teeth.

How do we maintain the whiteness of teeth at the rate of two bleach?

Search for whitening toothpastes that have received the seal of acceptance of the ADA to remove spots, where these teachers on factors additional polishing be safe to remove the stains from your teeth.

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The process of teeth whitening

Can the teeth whitening process in the dentist’s office, or itself the application of the process of bleaching your teeth at home, under the supervision of the dentist.

But teeth whitening doesn’t fit for all types of teeth, where the teeth very yellow teeth and Brown will likely not respond to bleaching, the teeth Gray may not happen is not whitening at all, as well as teeth whitening the presence of crowns or fillings.

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How do we maintain the whiteness of teeth in general?

  • Use a straw when you eat beverages, the cleaners of the teeth like coffee and tea.
  • Wash your teeth immediately after eating beverages or foods and the laundromat.
  • Clean your teeth at least twice daily, and use the metal of the ovary from once to twice a week.
  • Keep continuous follow-up with your dentist to determine the need of your teeth whitening.
  • Keep the balance of calcium in your diet, especially when you follow the diet, lack of calcium may lead to erosion of tooth enamel and thus become yellow.
  • Make sure to brushing your teeth immediately after eating high-sugar foods, as they may cause some inflammation in the mouth, which leads to a change in the color of your teeth.
  • Beware of active coal, or kaolin clay or the peel of an orange or lemon or banana to whiten your teeth, as there is no scientific evidence to prove the efficacy and safety of this material.

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Dear reader, we hope that article was helpful enough to answer your question How do we maintain the whiteness of teeth is? If you have more questions or queries, you can consult one of our doctors here

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