How do we maintain the level of sugar in the blood

كيف نحافظ على مستوى السكر في الدم

كيف نحافظ على مستوى السكر في الدم

I spread diabetes is widely prevalent in recent years, so you will answer a question asked by most of us is how do we maintain the level of sugar in the blood is? Free reader continued with us to this decision.

How do we maintain the level of sugar in the blood for diet?

The amount of carbohydrates

Many studies show also that a low-carbohydrate diet helps reduce the sugar levels and high sugar in the blood.

Increase the amount of fiber

  • Fiber slows down the digestion of carbohydrates, absorption of sugar, this in turn leads to high level of glucose in the blood slowly.
  • The recommended daily intake of fiber is around 25 grams for women and 38 grams for men.

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Eat foods rich in chromium and magnesium

  • The Chrome role in the digestion and absorption of carbohydrates and fats, it also helps to control the levels of sugar in the blood.
  • In one study, people who have the highest amount of magnesium is less likely by 47% to develop diabetes.

Drink water

  • Drinking enough water may help you maintain blood sugar levels within the normal range.
  • In addition to preventing dehydration, helps the kidneys to get rid of sugar excess in the blood through urine.
  • Keep in mind that water is the best.

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Choose foods with a glycaemic low GI

Called the Glycemic Index, where it has been proven that foods with a glycaemic low reduce the rate of high blood sugar, of course don’t overlook also the role of carbohydrates in the increase of blood sugar.

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How do we maintain the level of sugar in the blood sport?

  • Sports help to lose weight and increase sensitivity to insulin, which means that your cells will be better able to use blood sugar and exercises here such as: brisk walking, running, cycling, and swimming.
  • Weight control keeps the sugar levels in blood has proven that it reduces the risk of diabetes.
  • Weight loss of 7% can reduce the risk of diabetes by up to 58%.

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Avoid tension and stress

  • Can affect stress and tension on the blood sugar levels and secrete some hormones such as glucagon andcortisol, these hormones cause high levels of sugar in the blood.
  • One study showed that yoga relaxation and meditation significantly reduce stress and blood sugar levels.
  • Getting enough sleep is essential for good health.
  • Affect poor sleep habits and lack of rest also on the blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity, and increased appetite and weight gain.
  • Sleep deprivation increases cortisol levels.

Watch the level of sugar in your blood.

“What is measured is managed”, it might help you measure the level of sugar in the blood and control also controlled, for example, help you determine whether you need to make adjustments in food or medications, this will help you also to know how the interaction of your body with certain foods.

If you described to your doctor any type of treatment whether pills after eating or injection, you must abide by the dates and doses of these drugs, and group to do analysis of the sugar is cumulative so you may need to change the doses of the drug or intervention in your diet.

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Dear reader, diabetes is easy to control but in case of lack of attention can lead to the consequences of bad, and if you have any question you can consult one of our doctors here.

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