How do we fight smoking



How do we fight smoking? How do we protect ourselves and our community from pollutants caused by smoking, a habit the individual has turned to a curse on society, us know how we can get rid of this bad habit individually, and collectively, once and for all, in the next section.

Why do we keep smoking?

Every cigarette you smoke is harmless, if you can see for yourself the dangers of smoking, you’ll make a decision to quit smoking now.

Smoking affects blood circulation

When smoking the individual the smoke passing volatile of cigarette goes to the body, cast it, cast the blood, making the blood thicker, which increases the chance of clot formation.

Harm of smoking is concerned

Lead to damage to the vessels Doumeira, diseases of the arterial coronary, heart attacks, stroke, and from the Union of material of carbon monoxide with nicotine, which compresses the heart and causes all these diseases.

The effect of smoking on the stomach

Smokers are more susceptible to stomach cancer and ulcers, as smoking weakens the muscle responsible for the control at the bottom or, in this case, the stomach acid may come out of the stomach into the throat, which is called Bite the esophagus.

The effect of smoking on the skin

Smoking reduces the amount of oxygen that reaches the skin, if I smoked one it may seem the largest years, because the skin is aging fast it seems, and that smoking may lead to the appearance of cellulite.

The effect of smoking on the bones

Makes smoking the bones weak and brittle, especially in women, which may make smokers face difficulty in doing activities that they used to do in advance.

Lung and smoking

The lung is more organic strongly influenced by smoking, face, cough, and asthma are just the beginning. Smoking can cause fatal diseases such as lung cancer, emphysema, and inflammation pulmonary.

Smoking and sex

As smoking causes impotence in men, because it impairs the production of sperm, destroys the blood vessels that supply the penis with blood.

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Tips to learn how to fight smoking individually

If you want to stop smoking, you need to enter some of the little things to your life routinely and Daily, which can help you resist the temptation to shine by your life.

  • Think positive, it is set to be have tried repeatedly to quit smoking and did not be able to do so, but don’t put that it degrades you down.
  • Look back on the things that taught you your experience, and the things that have been overtaken by myself, and think seriously in what will do it this time.
  • Make a plan to resist smoking, I thought to difficult situations that you may encounter and help you to smoking, and plans to try to escape from those times and the routine of it that may hold you back again into smoking.
  • Authenticate the non-smokers participated with them, will encourage you to continue the resistance.
  • Make your mouth always busy and also, there are alternatives that may answer the question , How do we try smoking it? The easy way without suffering, and on the way to NRT.

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How do we fight smoking?

  • Awareness of the importance of the safety of one’s health from smoking.
  • You should be smoking in public places is not stable.
  • Not to encourage smoking by promoting it through ads and other.
  • On the contrary, must be noted the dangers of smoking and harmful to the environment and individuals.

And that you know the importance of getting rid of smoking, and how do we fight smoking , individually and collectively, we uphold these values dear reader, if you have any queries, consult one of our doctors here.

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