How do I treat tooth decay

كيف أعالج تسوس الأسنان

كيف أعالج تسوس الأسنان

Do you suffer from pain in your teeth? Have you been diagnosed recently tooth decay is? How do I treat tooth decay is? Dear reader, continued with us this article to recognize the treatment of dental caries.

What is tooth decay?

Is a cavities or holes in the hard layer of your teeth (what is meant here a layer of enamel that protects the teeth). These cavities because of the bacteria present in your mouth, frequent snacks, and sipping sugary drinks, and not cleaning your teeth well, it can become more serious if not treated, then how do I treat tooth decay is?

How is the diagnosis of tooth decay?

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How do I treat tooth decay?

Can Tests regular to identify tooth decay before they cause symptoms disturbing, and lead to more serious problems, but vary the degree of decay and dental cavities from person to person, and vary methods of treatment.

How do I treat tooth decay, fluoride is?

  • Whether your injury by caries is still modern, it may help treatment with fluoride in the restoration of tooth enamel, and may lead in some cases to reverse the effect of tolerance in the early stages.
  • Containing the signs of fluoride specialized on the greater amount of fluoride compared to the amount found in tap water and toothpaste.
  • May be signs of fluoride liquid or gel or foam.

How do I treat tooth decay with a filling teeth?

  • Also called restorations, are the main choice for treatment when they get used to after the first phase.
  • Fillings are made of different materials, such as composite resin tooth-colored or porcelain.

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How do I treat tooth decay crowns is?

Where it is resorted to in the case of tooth decay significantly, or if the tooth is weak, you may need a crown (cap equipped with on-demand replaces the crown of the natural teeth) and crowns made of gold or resin or porcelain.

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How do I treat tooth decay by removing the roots of the teeth?

When up the registry to the root of the tooth, you may need to remove the root of the infected tooth, it is possible to put the medicine such as antibiotics and anti-inflammatories and sometimes in the root canal to remove any infection.


Some of the teeth in advanced stages of the registration so that it can not be restored and must be removed, the teeth can leave a gap allows the teeth of the other of deviating from the right position, and if possible, consider getting a bridge or implants teeth the replacement of lost teeth.

What to ask your dentist?

  • Does it cause you to eat cold food like ice cream or hot food or sweet foods the pain?
  • Are you biting makes the pain worse?
  • How many times brush your teeth?
  • Do you use toothpaste that contains fluoride is?
  • Do you eat a lot of sweets or drink sugary drinks or soft drinks?
  • Have you noticed dryness in your mouth?
  • What medications are you taking?

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How do I treat tooth decay before going to the doctor?

  • Take a painkiller without a prescription, if your doctor said it’s suitable for you.
  • Use drugs without prescription especially designed to soothe the teeth painful.
  • Use warm water to clean your teeth.
  • Use a toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth.
  • Clean all parts of your mouth and teeth well, and avoid the painful areas.
  • Avoid foods or drinks hot or cold or sweet enough to arouse the pain.

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So dear reader, you have to avoid bad habits such as not brushing your teeth before bedtime, you should also avoid excessive intake of sugary foods and soft drinks, to keep the enamel of your teeth.

In the end if he was already been diagnosed with tooth decay, you should also follow these tips to preserve the lifespan of your teeth, and if you have any question regarding the health of your teeth, you can consult one of our doctors here.

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