How do I know nausea pregnancy

كيف أعرف غثيان الحمل

كيف أعرف غثيان الحمل

Similar to a lot of pregnancy symptoms with a lot of diseases associated with some other diseases, so many women wonder , how do I know nausea pregnancy know with us in this article on symptoms of pregnancy nausea and some symptoms of early pregnancy other.

Fast facts about pregnancy nausea

Nausea of the most common symptoms in the periods of early pregnancy, there are some facts that you should know about nausea and pregnancy as follows:

  • Can happen pregnancy nausea at any time of the day or night.
  • The direct causes of nausea are still not well known.
  • There are many home remedies that can help in the treatment of the symptoms of pregnancy sickness.
  • Some research indicates that ginger may relieve nausea.
  • May be Pregnancy Sickness sign of healthy pregnancy.

How do I know nausea pregnancy?

Although the possibility of feeling nauseous for different reasons, but often the reason for feeling sick and maybe vomiting, also in the case of pregnancy is the inhalation of certain scents, or eating spicy foods or feeling heat or the secretion of excess saliva and in some cases may be no apparent reason.

Many women feel pregnant nauseous during the first three months, it usually starts after nine weeks of pregnancy and improve symptoms most of the pregnant mothers at the beginning of the third trimester of pregnancy or in the middle of it.

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Tips to overcome pregnancy sickness

After you know the answer to your question How do I know nausea pregnancy for most cases of pregnancy nausea, you do not have to take any medications, however there are some tips that may ease the symptoms as follows:

Avoid sleeping for long periods

Comfort for long hours of the day can make nausea worse, so try to practice some of the simple activities that make you more movement and activity during the day.

Eat a lot of fluids

Fluid intake should be regular throughout the day in small quantities especially water, can help the interests of ice cubes, either water or fruit juice to reduce the urge to vomit.

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Eating small amounts at each meal

May help you eat less food, particularly meals high in carbohydrates, such as pasta and rice, as you can eat a little cold loosen up of the you feel nauseous.

Avoid the feeling of hunger

Empty stomach increases the nausea, so make sure to eat snacks throughout the day because it reduces nausea.

Intake of ginger tea

Proven some studies the ability of some natural materials found in plant of the ginger to relieve the symptoms of nausea and improve stomach functions.

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Tips for a healthy pregnancy

After you know the answer to your question How do I know nausea pregnancy there are some tips that you can follow during pregnancy, especially in the first months to help you alleviate most of the symptoms as follows:

Avoid smoking

Know your smoking during pregnancy at risk of miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy in addition to premature birth, it can also affects of smoking on the rate of growth of your child which may lead to low birth weight.

Reduce the intake of caffeine

You can still enjoy cup of coffee during pregnancy, but should not exceed about 200 mg of caffeine a day the equivalent of two cups of instant coffee or one cup of coffee is the net.

Follow your child’s growth

You must comply with the dates of medical examination throughout the pregnancy so you can follow the growth of the fetus inside the womb, it also helps you to avoid any complications during pregnancy.

After you know the answer to your question How do I know nausea pregnancy you should know that pregnancy sickness is not any damage on the load, but if I feel my cravings for vomiting and inability to drink water or noticed, said the amount of urine significantly, you should stop immediately to visit a doctor even prescribe you the right treatment for your condition, wishing you a healthy pregnancy and a happy life.

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