How do I know I’m pregnant with twins from the analysis of domestic

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Peace be with you, I’m in a world of take Khalifa, doctor and Dope a lot, Dr. said my chances of pregnancy with twins get and I thank God pregnant then my question is how do I know I’m pregnant with twins the conversion of home is?

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Regarding your question how I know I’m pregnant with twins of the analysis home, and in fact does analysis home pregnancy Tell Your if you are pregnant or not, and the only way through which they can confirm the pregnancy with twins is the ultrasound I got the doctor, but there are early signs that point to a pregnancy with twins, including:

  • The size of the abdomen will be greater than in the pregnancy of a singleton.
  • To gain weight quickly.
  • An increase in the severity of morning sickness.
  • The feeling of freedom embryos earlier than expected.
  • Extreme fatigue which may link to this the body of the mother who is trying to provide food for more than one child.

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