How do I clean the Lime of the teeth?

كيف أنظف الجير من الأسنان

كيف أنظف الجير من الأسنان

Do you suffer from tartar buildup on the teeth? The be plaque and tartar on the teeth of the most important reasons leading to poisoning and inflammation of the gums, so read this article to know the answer to your question How to clean up the army of Spaniards

What is a gear tooth?

Confused on some of that army andthe black teeth are the same thing, but the reality is not so, even if you’re taking good care of your teeth, there will still be some residual bacteria that penetrates the remains of the food in your mouth is a component of a layer called the black teeth, this layer covering the teeth and stick to your gums but the teeth causing yellowing of the teeth color and a piling up of layers of plaque on the teeth and turn to the army, which appears on the teeth, so keep with us to answer your question How do I clean the Lime of the teeth?

How do I clean the Lime of the teeth?

Here are some important tips to reduce the buildup of tartar on the teeth:

  • Cleaning the teeth twice a day for two minutes using a brush with bristles high to reach places which would be difficult to reach as the mouse.
  • Electronic toothbrushes may be better than a regular brush to prevent the buildup of tartar on the teeth.

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  • Make sure you use your toothpaste. is devoted to the generation and because it contains fluoride which helps to rebuild tooth enamel, and some toothpastes contain a substance tress which act as bacterial plaque.
  • The use of dental floss no matter what I made sure of brushing your teeth, with dental cleaning helps you to reach places you can’t brush access.
  • Use mouthwash antibacterial to help you get rid of the bacteria causing billions of teeth.

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  • Your diet also controls bacteria in the mouth, where they feed these bacteria on the sugar in the foods and beverages you eat, this advice makes it easy to know the answer to your question How to clean up the army of Spaniards and make you avoid it also.
  • You can use bicarbonate of soda as a toothpaste to help get rid of plaque and tartar accumulated.
  • Rub your teeth orange peels where it helps in getting rid of bacteria that cause buildup of plaque on the teeth.
  • Mix the generation of aloe vera with water and a pinch of bicarbonate of soda and a few drops of lemon juice and clean your teeth with this mixture.
  • Tried to stop smoking, because it is a fundamental reason why the accumulation of plaque and tartar on the teeth.

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These tips are effective in minimizing the be of tartar on the teeth, but it does not compare to the cleaning done by the dentist when they accumulate layers of tartar on your teeth, so you should visit the dentist every 6 months or less if you are infected by any diseases in the gums or to do clean the lime accumulated on the teeth.
After that you know the answer to your question How to clean up the army of Spaniards , you’ll learn about the impact of the military on the gums and teeth and its relationship to the general health of the body.

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How does the army on the health of teeth and gums?

The army accumulated on the teeth makes it difficult brushing your teeth or ashamed enough, which may lead to tooth decay.
In addition to that the presence of the army on the line of the gums may lead to be a gap between the gums and teeth and gingivitis by the presence of bacteria which may cause infection with apical periodontitis, and in the end lead to the occurrence of damage in the bones of the teeth and surrounding tissues, as shown by some research studies of a relationship between the bacteria in gum disease and heart disease and some other diseases.

After that you know, dear reader, to answer the question How to clean up the army of Spaniards and figured out some tips to reduce its accumulation and you still have any question or further inquiry you can consult one of our doctors here

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